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About Me

Gail Peavey Lacy
Graduated from Merced Community College-CA

My name is Gail (Peavey) Lacy. I was raised in Alamo, Georgia. I guess I will always think of it as home. A part of me will always be there. I went to elementary school at Wheeler County, and went to Wheeler County high for a couple of years and and quit to take care of my sick mother, I also got married at the age of 16, which was a mistake, if I could change anything in my life it would be that and the fact that I quit school, but I can't, I guess God had other plans for my life. I went on to get my GED, and to college. I am dedicating this page to my mother Elizabeth, and my brothers James and Wayne, My son Don Carroll, my daddy Andrew Jackson Peavey, my grandmother, Lillian Esbia Ryals Peavey and my very special Aunt Lilla Grimes Marchman, who was very good to me. She was truly a saint. They have gone on to heaven before me, I pray and I surely do miss them. My hobbies are genealogy, sewing, crafts, and painting. I also enjoy fishing and the outdoors. If you would like to sign my guestbook go back to my Wheeler County page. Thank you for visiting my page. Copyright 2005