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Kayak Classes

Kayak Basics

An exciting combination of instruction and practice, this program is designed for those who have never been in a kayak before or have never had formal training. This class begins with a look at kayak terminolgy and reassuring introduction to handling an untimely capsize. This is a great way to learn basic kayaking skills or to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Advanced Kayaking Techniques

Polish up your basic skills and add some new tricks to your arsenal. Bracing, sculling strokes, and leans will be added to your boat handling skills, as well as discussions on tides, currents, wind and weather.

Kayak Rescues

Get ready to get wet--and have a lot of FUN! Learn several kayak rescues (including self-rescues) that will greatly add to your self-confidence and enjoyment while paddling.

Eskimo Rolls

Definitely the best, and quickest, self-rescue available. Although it is not necessary to learn to roll in order to have fun kayaking, it is a great confidence builder, as well as an effective rescue option. It's also loads of fun and a must for anyone wanting to challenge whitewater kayaking. This course is taught in swimming pools, or shallow, calm water.