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Information about me:

NAME: Christy
AGE: 27


To thine own self be true.

Don't just set goals.Achieve them.

Time heals all wounds.

Live and let live.

Life is god's gift to you.What you do with it is your gift to god.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Follow your dreams.

A quitter never wins.

Family is forever.

Give a hug today.

Trust in god and believe in yourself.

Hold onto your dreams cause when dreams die they are like an angel with a broken wing and can not fly.

Did you know that you have the power to heal? with your smile, the shake of your hand, lending a shoulder to cry on,arms for giving a hug, your ears for listening, your brain for knowledge, and your heart for spreading love.


As they lie lined up against a solid brick wall,

unloved uncared for.

Some even stabbed and wounded.

They are being robbed of what little they have

leaving them with nothing but drugs to keep them on a high

Listen close to the cry of the children of the night.

As they roam the streets out in the midnight air

selling themselves to anyone they do not care

Drugs are being passed to even the smallest hands.

Listen close to the cry of the children of the night.

As they watch their friends, if any, die and be kicked to one side.

With nothing they can do or say but "GOODBYE"

See the tears falling from dirty faces.

See their bare feet running across broken glass

running for shelter or even their lives.

Hear them run, run, but only to come to a dead end.

Feel the feeling they must have deep inside to have nothing.

No home, no family, no friends is what runs through their minds as they are too tired to run anymore.

They fall to the ground where they will sleep through out the night.


they then fall into a deep sleep.

Hear the cry of the children of the night.

By Christy

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