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My Awards

Xena: Warrior Princess

Well, as you can see, there she is... my first award! It was because this site is barely new. Well, it is. I'm sooo happy and proud of this award.(Of corse i's my first!)

First Award!

Second Award!

I'm not sure if this was for me, it was sent to me, I thought that it was mine then. YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA~just kidding!!!!! If you're the site that made this, and it doesn't belong to me, please e-mail me and tell me!

Third Award!

I got another award; unfortunately, it was on my old computer (in which I reformatted thrice), and I'm not able to retrieve it! I really don't know who gave it to me! -_-;; Thanks anyway though! :)