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Peace Through Angels

Spencer Calvert Respess

Born to us an angel.

February 13,1998

weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.

20 1/2 inches long

If you would like to see some precious pictures of our here

During the first two months I kept a journal with my thoughts and feelings to Spencer.If you would like to read it please click here

If you would like to read our story please click here


By The Greens

There are those who are expecting that precious baby soon.But then it's gone before it ever leaves the safety of its mamas womb.

Jesus has a rocking chair.

And he holds that precious baby with oh such tender care.

He takes the place of mom and dad.

He's the greatest parent a child could have.

Don't worry about the children there.

Jesus has a rocking chair.

This is a card that we put with Spencer

From Dad

My littlest angel: you were with us in this world for such a short time, but you will forever be a part of our family. From the moment that I felt your little kicks and saw you in the sonogram, till Friday morning when I held you in my arms, and cried when the nurse took you away.

I hoped I would never feel such pain again after daddy died but I have. Daddy will be in heaven to look over you and keep you safe and comfort you until I come to hold you once again.

There will not be a day that you are not in my thoughts and prayer.

I love you, Dad

From Mama

My little one was with me only briefly but his presence will be with me a lifetime. I held his small body in my arms for just a few moments but I will remember the feeling always. I got to kiss and touch his precious face and marvel at how beautiful he was. I will always remember how peaceful he looked and know that he is with God and in the arms of angels, and though they are not my loving arms they will shelter and protect him throughout eternity until I can come and hold him.

I will miss you, Spencer, forever. You will live always in my heart and my memories my beautiful baby boy.

I love you…Mommy


S is for Special.

P is for Perfect.

E is for Eternally Mine.

N is for Never far from my mind.

C is for Courage you give me to face each morning.

E is for Every time I close my eyes, you are there.

R is for Rest in peace, my sweet angel.

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A candle constantly burning for the lost life of my child.

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