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David Duchovny Dreamland
Evolution is out in theatres now! Go see it again and again....

What's New to Dreamland
Last Updated: June 21, 2001

Duchovny Picture GalleryUpdated! Jun 21
Pictures of David posing, on television, or on the set of the X-Files
includes images with Gillian, Tea, and his dog Blue

Duchovny Talks
Sound waves of David

Duchovny Video

Duchovny ArtUpdated! Jun 21
David's poem and charity paintings

Duchovny Quotes Updated! Jun 21
Quotes and Magazine Articles of David discussing Tea, Gillian, The X-Files,
fatherhood, fame, dogs and more

Duchovny Links
Links to the best David-related sites on the web

About the DD Dreamland
about this site, its webmaster, and her pets

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