What is *artemesia*? Is a creamy new taste sensation? Is it that goth band with the sound samples from Scooby Doo and the makeup-abusing androgyne lead singer? A plant with silvery foliage and certain experience-enchancing chemical properties? That weird chick in your third-period art class, y'know the one, with black lipstick and magenta hair?
Ermmm . . . .not perzactly.
Well? Speak up. What is it man? What?!?!?
It is an note found crumpled between two rocks on a mountain. The writer is frustrated and not at all coherent. Is it a suicide note? A scrap of poetry? What was it doing there - carelessly tossed or deliberately hidden?
It is a bit on Hypernecromemisinity Borderline Personality Disorder, which disorder you will not find in the DSM-5.
It is a way to take two little wires and connect them to two other little wires and run up a very big phone bill.
It is an interview with Adam Parfrey, Feral Man.
It is fiction, or perhaps not. A woman dancing in a room lit by a single candle. The diary of a truly disturbed changeling child. A man with odd eyes and healing hands walks into a tiny mountain town in rural Georgia. A cripple in a bed, haunted by cats, or again, perhaps not. Who's to say?

A magazine. With a wicked cover, if I do say so myself.
More good stuff at SYNAESTHESIA PRESS. Tell Luke that SideShow Lew sent you.

ALL THINGS *artemesia*
*The Gothic Martha Stewart*
Three recipies to make your own faux-absinthe.
Also many good links.
*Culpeper's Herbal Remedies*
Go to the original source.
Learn how to remedy evil cholers.
If your name is Artemesia
What to expect out of life,
you artistic babe, you.
Artemesia Geyser
Surely a national treasure. Watch it erupt!
The Kingdom of Artemesia
It's a Scadian thing.
The Plant
How to grow this silvery-foliage'd perennial.

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