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Also known as, "Lew, you need a new hobby."

WARNING! This site officially condemned by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia!

Talk to SideShow Lew. I'm listening. Stole My Soul, he did! How Hampster Dance Stole My Soul ©!

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All the fun of the plague, but without the vomiting, diarrhea, blurred vision and boils! This page was inspired by the amoebas infesting my drinking water (and, eventually, my digestive system). I always loved in science class when we'd watch single-celled thingies reproducing asexually and booking around in mason jars. Slicing up the flatworms was traumatic, tho'. They were too cute. I animated the organisms myself. It was my first try at the gif animator, as you can probably guess. I've improved since then. My favorite is probably the hydra (green tentacled thing), because it's really groovin'. Everyone else seems to like the "blue thing that eats the pink thing and poops it out and eats it again" as my sister Stephanie so aptly described it. Go figure.

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