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.:.The Interviews and Notes with "Sailor Moon" creator Naoko Takeuchi.:.

Beginning with the MIXX interviews..

MIXX: Did you ever imagine "Sailor Moon" would be so popular?
Naoko: Not even in my wildest dreams.......
MIXX: How do you feel about having so many fans in America?
Naoko: I want to say thank you so much....I can't express in words how truly grateful I am to all of you.
MIXX: When you first created "Sailor," what kind of character were you aiming for?
Naoko: I wanted to create a character close to my own personality.
MIXX: So Bunny's similar to your own personality?Which character is the opposite?
Naoko: Yes, Bunny is very close to my personality, while Sailor Neptune is the opposite.
MIXX: What's different between "Sailor Moon" anime and "motionless" versions?
Naoko: The anime has a slight male perspective to it, since much of the staff was male. My original version was written by a girl(me)for girls.....
Here is where you need to put the mixx zine form)
Notes from Naoko

I'm so psyched becuase I just moved! My new place is the same neighborhood as Bunny.It's called "azubu." Cool name, ya know.I just bought a pure white bed and dresser, just like in a resort hotel!My comforter and drapes match too, in blue--in blue(My favorite color....and Amy's!)And my room is decorated with lots of stylish gold lamps.But its so easy to sleep away the day on my big, fluffy bed, just like bunny!It's so awesome where I live becuaes Tuxedo Mask lives too.And you wouldn't believe it, but there are so many guys that look just like Tuxedo Mask.Everyone thinks that his name(Tuxedo Mask," is weird, you know.What do you guys think?I guess it's kind funny, but I don't care because I love my Tuxedo Mask.

Notes from the Original Manga

There's a section in the beginning that has little pictures of all the heads of the characters, and some of them have little descriptions.

Under Usagi/Sailor Moon [they call her "Bunny" in the French, BTW], it says, "She is a little careless/clumsy; she transforms into Sailor Moon in order to fight evil!"
Chibi-Usa: "A mysterious little girl."
Princess Serenity: "Usagi's previous self."
Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask/Endymion: "Usagi's boyfriend."
Motoki: "A student who works at the arcade."
Asanuma: "A friend of Mamoru."
Unazuki: "Motoki's little sister."

And the paragraph at the bottom of the page says:
"Usagi is clumsy and a crybaby. But she is Sailor Moon, the uniformed warrior who fights evil! Along with Luna, her black cat, and her friends, she tries to find the Silver Crystal. Her peace is only cut short by the appearance of the mysterious little girl, Chibi-Usa, who plagues her with annoyance. Their new enemies, the Black Moon family, have succeeded in kidnapping Ami and Rei..."


Note: This is from the French version, so I don't claim complete accuracy.

Hello, my dear readers! This is the long-awaited second volume! I don't know what's happened to me, but I'm exhausted. My cold hasn't improved, I have no appetite, my work is piling up... I'm falling apart! For the first time in my life, I had to ride in an ambulance! I need to eat more, and that should restore my health. Sniff!

I want to look glamorous in a swimsuit, and then I'm going to the beach. I plan to move into a place where I will have a view of the ocean, next to the Bay of Tokyo. It could really be ideal! Anyway, here's the second volume.. I hope that you enjoy it. Ciao!

Don't forget the password, "Moon Prism Power... transform! (Under the note, there's a picture of Usagi seemingly unclothing, but covered up where modesty demands it. The caption reads, "Usagi, sexy and glamorous!"
There you have it. BTW, I have no idea if there actually *is* a Bay of Tokyo or Tokyo Bay, but that's just how it translated.

"My friends, thanks a million for your letters and pictures! I read them all, and they are very precious to me. My desk is covered with my favorites (along with the celluloid pictures of Usagi and Umino.) I'm sorry if I didn't answer everyone's letters, but I'm so busy right now! All of your encouragement has helped me with my work, and I won't forget your suggestions or your impact on how the story unfolded! I'll be waiting impatiently for you to write me again!"

August '92...

The broadcasting of Sailor Moon on TV has begun! It's incredible... Ami has been wildly successful! My editor-in-chief had good reason... since the release of the manga he has said Ami was his favorite character! But Usagi holds first place in Nakayoshi Magazine!!!

[note: There seem to be little opinion polls in the mangas for favorite characters. This manga (volume 2) shows none, but future ones do and I'll certainly include that information.)]

In the poll for the best character in manga in the Animage Magazine which will be released in September '92, Ami took 4th place, after Nausicaa, Torankusu, and Nadia! It's amazing! I quickly quickly looked for my poor Usagi... and, well, I found her in 11th place... By the way, in that issue you'll also find an interview with me! Hee hee!
Here's my favorite picture of Ami that I've kept. No! I'm not going to sell it!

Well, here's another one. In this note, Naoko (or at least the way they translated it for the French) used the word "manga," where previously she had used "bande dessinee," or "comic book." I just thought that was interesting.


This next note is labelled, loosely translated, "Column of thanks."

"Miss Homma: Without you, there wouldn't br any more money, or this second volume! We should go to the SMAP concert again!"
[note: I have no idea what SMAP is, or if it has a concert]
"Miss Ojira: Thanks a million for the pictures of buildings; they were so perfect!
Miss Rica: You know everything about the economy... you explained everything to me about savings!
Miss Kurimaru: Thanks for the fabulous special effects!
Miss Maruyama: Come back and visit me again!
Miss Mio Mizuki: Come see me after college!
Miss Hazuki, Miss Tago, Miss Hattori: I adore you!
Miss Yui: Please excuse my capriciousness!
Miss Urako, Miss Keiko, Miss Takase: We should go and really live it up!
Mr. DM: Thank you for all the wonderful meals you brought me!
And finally, OSA.P... I really rely on you! Usagi exists thanks to you!
Kisses to you all!"


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