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Rant Away

Rant Away

Lets make this world a better place!!!

Hey, doesn't it make you so mad when your sitting behind someone who just talks all the way through the movie? Or is it those people who stand and chat in the middle of the street that get your goat?

Well, here is one web-page totally dedicated to allowing you to rant and rave away. Come on, get those pet peeves off your chest. Nowhere on this page will you hear us tell you "quit that whining", or "stop complaining." Here, you'll be able to rant, whine, complain to your hearts content, and in fact, we encourage that.

So, what is it that really gets your goat? What is it that pisses the pants of you? Is it those pesky double negatives? Or maybe its just your neighbours rude kids. Tell us your pet peeve and then read what ticks others off. Who knows, we just might make this world a better place.

Rant and Rave Away

Read what makes others mad!!!

To celebrate our birth in cyberspace, we are staging a competition where you actually get to win stuff. Really, no kidding, you can actually win a prize from a web-page. Here's what you have to do. Send mail to Yours Truly with the subject line of "Competition entry." and in less than 200 wds (no essays now y'hear), tell us how you got sweet sweet revenge on someone who ticked you off majorly. Winning entries will be published and the first place winer will receive $50 cash. So, start sending guys. Deadline is December 1999
Check out the cartoon below. It changes everday and sometimes its even funny. Just one more reason to check back on us huh.
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"Hmmm," I hear you thinking to yourself, "wouldn't I just love to take a short Geography Quiz right about now. But where can I find one?" Well, my dear Geographer, your in luck...knock yourself out!!!

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