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Protect Yourself From Being Dangerously Listed!

Below are a list of sites on the web designed to locate individuals, their e-mail addresses, phone numbers, the reverse listing of their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, home and work addresses, etc. These are the tools of stalkers; easily accessible, free and available 24 hours a day. Bookmark these resources and keep an eye on the information listed about you .

Cyber 4-11 This site searches 16 engines simultaneously for the specific data you submit. If your stalker has submitted your personal information, etc., these sites will show up after several weeks or several months. Even if your stalker has only submitted your name to a 'revenge' site, the listing of the URL will appear.

Worldwide Search Engines This site lists 40+ search engines of all types by which you can search everything from whether or not your telephone number or e-mail address is listed on the net somewhere to whether or not information has been posted about you on a personal website or guestbook. I would like to add by searching through this and other like search engine sites, I have uncovered sites created by my stalker which she never though would be found or prosecuted and which I have been able to print out, date, and hand over to law enforcement.

Freeality Search Engines This site allows you to look up any information you would like to right on the site itself and allows you to submit to over 10 search engines including US West, World Pages, Bigfoot, etc.

Internet Sleuth Allows you to search up to 6 directories simultaneously.

World Wide E-mail Listing This site allows you to find a name behind the e-mail/user address. Particularly helpful in the early stages of cyber-stalking and online harassment crimes. If someone believes they are anonymous and you write them a note (either to their e-mail account, home address or you telephone them) asking politely that their behavior stop,I assure you the individual will be sufficiently concerned about how you were able to track them down. For more on ways you can identify the perpetrator of online harassment, I am now setting up a page on identifying cyber stalkers/harassers

All One Search Another great simulteneous search engine with several different search areas covered (phone numbers, e-mail, www listings, etc.)

Savvy Search An excellent multiple browser. I have found some very interesting things on this particular search engine which have not turned up on other searches.

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