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Spring/Easter Unit


Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street by Little Golden Book

Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present by Maurice Sendak

The Lamb and the Butterfly by Arnold Sundgaard and Eric Carle

The Chocolate Rabbit by Maria Claret

Easter Parade by Mary Chalmers

The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry

Little Mouse Meets the Easter Bunny by Harriet Ziefert

The Happy Easter Book by Golden Super Shape Book

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

Chicken Little

Little Chick's Easter Surprise


5 Little Ducks by Raffi

Bunny Hop song/dance

5 Little Ducks fingermitt

Hooray for the Rainbow by Paula Metzger

Easter Time Is Here Again by Hap Palmer Holidays

Little Bunny Foo Foo fingerplay: Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping thru the forest, pickin up the field mouse and boppin them on the head

Down came the fairy god mother and she said

Little Bunny Foo Foo stop picking up the field mouse and boppin them on the head

(We have a bunny puppet that we use with this song

Little White Duck

There's a little white duck, sitting in the water

A little white duck, doing what he oughta

He took a bite of the lily pad and he said I'm glad

That I'm a little white duck, sitting in the water

Quack, Quack, Quack.

(We have a white duck that quacks that we use with this song).

Our music therapist did a song about the easter bunny. He had our children dress up and act like they were delivering eggs.

Ducklings On An Egg-I make a large egg from posterboard and laminated ducklings from construction paper. The childrens' names are written on them and attached to the egg. The children are given their duck to place on the egg. Good start for name recognition without clues.

Hooray for the Rainbow-I use this song with rainbow hoop streamers, made from crepe paper and pipe cleaner, to create movement with this song.

Center Ideas

One of my students at the easter table.

Baby chick- I bought a baby chick from Target that is heat sensored. It is very realistic looking/feeling. When the child holds the chick in his hand the chick begins to chirp.

Egg Number Halves-Make egg halves from different colored pieces of paper. Number the top half with a number and the bottom number with corresponding dots. This is great for color matching and a good introduction to number one to one correspondence.

Scrambled Eggs by Milton and Bradley-This is a purchased game that comes with a pan full of eggs and a a spatula. The eggs open to show a color and a shape. Also are coordinating egg cards that are used to match to the eggs in the pan.

Chick in an egg pickup-Using plastic egg halves, glue a yellow pom pom into it. Then glue another yellow pom pom on top of the first pom pom. Top with black eyes and paper beaks. Place chicks in a small basket/tub and place tongs to pick up with.

Lacing Easter Eggs-Using posterboard decorate an egg shape with markers, then using a paper punch, punch holes around the egg. Then knot a piece of yarn and tie off on one of the holes, then tape a piece of tape tightly to form a point on the lacing end of the yarn.

Bunny Bean Bag Toss-This idea was adapted from an older Mailbox issue(???Sorry I cannot remember which issue I saw it in!!!)Using posterboard, draw a 2x3 grid on. Then in each square draw a bunny with a motion: wiggle your ears, twitch your nose, thump your foot, wiggle your tail, nibble on a carrot, hop away. Then in an easter gift bag, place bean bags in to be used with this game board. Have the children toss a beanbag and then perform whichever action it lands on!

Rabbit blocks-These are purchased plastic blocks that have bunny faces on them. They are also a very unique large type of block.

Listening Center-In my listening center I placed some easter books with read along tapes, and easter song basket (this is a basket with a tape of theme spring songs with song props to accompany the songs).

Sensory Table-I placed ALOT of green easter grass and LOTS of plastic eggs, small oval to large oval, for the children to hunt through.


Chick Cupcakes-Make cupcakes as usual, then frost with yellow tinted frosting. Add raisin eyes and a candy corn beak.

Chick Peaches-Using whole half peaches, add raisin eyes, and voila!! Instant chick!!

Stamped Easter cookies-Using premade cookie dough, slice cookies, then allow children to stamp the cookie, using a cookie easter stamp. If desired use cookie glitter or paint them with food coloring.

Easter cheese toast-Using easter cookie cutters, cut out desired shape from cheese. Place cheese on bread and toast.

My students enjoying their bird nest snack!!

Bird's Nest-Using chow mein noodles, marshmallow creme, peanut butter, and jellybeans, make mini bird nests. Mold together, chill, and fill with jellybean "eggs". I let the children tell me what color of eggs they want to put in the nest.

One of my students enjoying his bunny biscuit!

Bunny Biscuits-Use one biscuit to make the face, then slice another biscuit to form ears. Place raisins on for eyes, and red cinnamons on for nose. Bake as usual, then use brown frosting to form the whiskers.

Bunny sandwiches-Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then simply cut with an easter cookie cutter.

Peter Rabbit In the Garden-This is a cute recipe, but kids usually skip the lettuce!! Place lettuce on a plate, then take a pear half and place on lettuce. Slice another pear half to form two ears, place ears on top of pear half head. Add raisin eyes, shredded carrot whiskers, and a candy bowtie if desired.

Art Activities

Bunnies in the grass-Take a piece of paper and a green crayon and scribble away. Then glue on cotton balls for baby bunnies hiding in the grass!

My students after they finished their lambs!!

Handprint Sheep-Trace children's hands onto grey or black paper. Draw chalk face on thumb, and glue cotton balls on remainder of body.

Easter Chick-Trace two hands onto yellow paper, and precut an egg. Then attach hands onto egg to form chick's wings. Then add eggs and a beak to egg.

Coffee filter eggs-Precut filters into an egg shape. Then using droppers, drop food coloring onto egg.

Chocolate bunny-Precut a bunny shape, and allow children to fingerpaint with chocolate pudding. Sand art eggs- Precut/trace a large egg shape on tagboard. Then have children draw a design on egg with glue; using colored sand sprinkle like glitter over glue.

Easter basket-(This idea was given to me by another fellow kindergarten teacher at my school, Mrs. Smith. I am lucky to have such a great teacher who is willing to share ideas!!)Take a milk jug and cut out two ear shapes in the front, opposite side of handle. Then cut around the back until you have an opening. Make two pink ears to put on the ear cutout, two eyes, and whiskers. These were Very Easy and the kids loved them!!

EGGfantastic-Using colored crochet thread, sugar water, and a balloon. First blow up balloon to desired egg size. Then wrap crochet thread all around balloon until balloon is pretty well covered, small gaps are fine. Then using a paintbrush, saturate the string with sugar water. Set the egg on an undisturbed area. Make sure to sit the egg in a position where it will make a flat place on bottom. (This enables the egg to sit on a table after dried). After completely dried, a couple of days, pop the balloon. Then cut an opening in the front of the egg. Let children use lace/beads to decorate the opening edge. Then add green grass inside along with a special handpainted egg.

Hope you enjoyed the Spring/Easter Unit!!!

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