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NEW!! My friend, Jennifer Tingle, who teaches Kindergarten, asked me to draw a large 5-6' boy. When I found out why, I just had to share this awesome idea! It is so nice to work with someone so talented and creative! This boy called Freddy Feelings is drawn on bulletin board paper. Ms. Tingle says that she discusses all of the different feelings that we have. Then she focuses on what can make us sad. She lets each of the children say what makes them sad: ex, someone calling you a name, someone hit me, etc. As each child shares their thought, they crumple up a piece of Freddy. Eventually, Freddy ends up as a ball. Then she focuses on what makes us happy. As each child shares a though, they uncrumple a piece of Freddy. Ms. Tingle then explains that even though Freddy is still in one piece, he still has wrinkles. Those wrinkles, from harmful remarks, will always be with Freddy. This is a wonderful language and personal social experience. What a great idea!!!


Valentine Number Line

(Make a number line of your floor for kids to count and walk on. Then make each of the hearts and glue to a popsickle stick).

Seven little valentines sitting on a shelf.

The first little valentine looked like an elf.

The second little valentine wore a clown's face.

The third little valentinee looked lovely in lace.

The fourth little valentine said, "Tonight we say good-bye."

The fifth little valentine started to cry.

The sixth little valentine said, "Won't you be mine?"

The seventh little valentine said, "I'll be your valentine".

I'm A Valentine for You

(She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain tune)

I'm a teeny tiny valentine for you,(squeaky voice)

I'm a teeny tiny valentine for you.

I'm a teeny tine valentine,

I'm always yours, will you be mine?

I'm a teeny tiny valentine for you.

I'm a medium size valentine for you, (normal voice)

I'm a medium size valentine for you.

I'm a medium size valentine,

I'm not too big and that's just fine.

I'm a medium size valentine for you.

I'm a great big valentine for you, (loud gruff voice)

I'm a great big valentine for you.

I'm a great big valentine,

I will love you all the time.

I'm a great big valentine for you.

I'm a Happy Little Heart

I'm a Little White Duck tune

I'm a happy little heart

Pink and white and red With lace aroudn my edge.

I have three words

On the front of me.

That say I love you,

Oh, can't you see?

That I'm a happy little heart

Pink and white and red,

Happy little heart.

Ten Little Valentines

One red, two red, three red Valentines Four red, five red, six red Valentines Seven red, eight red, nine red Valentines Ten little red Valentines.

*Give students numbered hearts(make sure to sit them in order) and have them stand up when their number is called). Then reverse the song and start with ten, and have them stand up; then sit down when their number is called*

I Love You

This Old Man Tune

I love you, you love me;

We're as happy as can be!

Here's a great big kiss

And a hug from me to you.

Won't you say you love me, too.

(Almost sounds like the Barney song!! We sing that one too!!!)

Yes, I Do

Three Blind Mice tune

I love you, I love you.(Do the I love you sign.)

Yes, I do, yes, I do.(Yes sign)

I love you every night and day(love you sign and day)

I love you when I work and play (love you sign and play)

I love you in so many ways ( love you sign and much sign)

I love you.(love sign)

Hugs and Kisses

(Wheels on Bus tune)

Oh, I just love your hugs and kisses(sign hugs and kisses)

Oh, I just love your hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses. Come and give me some

Gifts of Love fingerplay

I couldn't buy a gift for you (put hands in pocket)

Because I am so very small.(point to yourself)

But I can give you some things-

The greatest gifts of all!(hold hands out)

I can give you kisses.(blow kisses)

I can give you hugs.(hug sign)

I can give you a big smile(smile)

And tell you that I love you!(sign love you)

Circle Ideas-

Sized Hearts Activity-(This idea contributed by Bethany Sands)I have three sizes of hearts that I passout and three lunch bags with a big heart, medium, small heart glue on. The kids standup and say, I have a -___ valentine, and put it in the appropriate bag. Awesome idea for circle time. You could also do this according to colors.

Who is the letter for- I put the animals behind me or in a bag and then take out the envelope and sing this song: Who, oh, who is the letter for? Letter for, letter for?Who, oh, who is the letter for? For my friend the--- and then make the sound that the animal makes. I then place the animal with his letter on the floor. I continue to do this. After my animals are all lined up on the floor. I let the children choose which animal they want to give a kiss or hug to. We then sing the song and substitute kiss or hug for the letter part. The child then holds their animal, until everyone has a turn.

***ASL signs***


Write a letter- Forefinger "scribbling" across palm.

I love you-Middle finger and ring finger down.

I love you (seperately)-

Point to self.+ Hands cross like hugging with closed fist.+ Point to other person.

mother-Hand out with thumb touching chin.

father-Hand out with thumb touching forehead.

sister-+ (make the the a sign and rub down on your cheek then add the sam sign which is:bringing both "gun" fingers together.

brother-+ Fingers on top of thumb(like grabbing the bill of your hat)+same which is: bringing both "gun" fingers together.

family +Join the two fingers and then come around where your little fingers meet.

valentine(heart)-Draw a heart.

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