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Snow Fun Art

Snow Fun Art

Snowmen-Need:White paper towels, Elmer's Glue, water, white tempera, crystalline glitter, assorted colored paper. This is an excellent activity for squeezing/fine motor. First, take five paper towels and crumble them into a ball. Then do the same for three paper towels, then two. Set the balls aside. Tear off three paper towels. Using a glue/water mixture, roll the mixture on to the paper towel. Wrap the wet towel around the biggest ball. Place on a piece of heavy paper. Then roll the mixture onto another paper towel. Take the wet towel and wrap around the medium ball. Place it on top of the large ball. Do the same for the remaining smaller ball. Make sure the snowman is secure, add more paste if necessary. Let dry overnight. Then paint the snowman white with a brush, and then sprinkle on the snowy glitter. Let dry overnight again. The next day make colored hats, scarfs, buttons, and faces for your snowmen.

Crystallized Snowflake-Need:Large wide mouth jar, white pipe cleaners, boiling water, borax, pencil/pen. Make a snowflake shape with your pipe cleaners. Fill the jar with the boiling water (please do this part adults). Place 3 tablespoons of the borax into the water. Stir until it is dissolved. Loop your snowflake onto the pencil(pencil should be horizontal) with string or another pipe cleaner. Place your snowflake into the jar. It should be dangling from the pencil, and pencil should be laying across the width of the jar mouth. Let it sit overnight and remove the snowflake by lifting the pencil in the morning. You will have a beautiful crystal snowflake. If doing this for a classroom of children, bring about 5 jars in and let children take days(turns).

Snowmen prints-Use a large marshmallow and let the children make prints with it. Use blue paper, marshmallow, and white paint. Dip marsmallow into paint and press onto paper. Continue until you have a snowman, or couple. If desired, sprinkle with glitter.

Cotton Ball Snowmen-Trace three circles onto white paper. Let the child cut these out, or assist. Great scissor training!! Then let the child glue cotton balls onto the circles. Use the squeeze glue, to increase grip strength. If this is not feasible yet, let the children dip their ball into glue, placed in a small bowl. Then make paper hats, eyes, nose, arms and scarf. Attach with brads. Children love moveable projects!

Polar Bears-Trace a polar bear onto grey paper, cut out; let the children glue cotton balls, fake fur, or packing snow onto the bear.

Glue Snowflakes-Need: Squeeze white glue, wax paper, glitter. First draw a snowflake onto the wax paper. As ability permits, simple to less simple. Just make sure the child is not trying to do a sophisticated snowflake that is beyond his frustration point. I usually start out with a six lined flake. Then let child squeeze glue over the design. If child's hand is not strong enough, please provide hand over hand assistance. This can help to build the strength!! Then the fun part...Glitter. Let them sprinkle, (or pour!!) glitter over their snowflake. Let dry. Then gently peel from the wax paper. Hang snowflakes and have a snowflake wonderland!!

Snowflake jars-Need: baby food jars, irridescent glitter, snowflake confetti/pieces, water. Let children place everything in the jar. Then, you hot glue the lid's rim and place onto the jar. Children can shake their snowflake jar's to their delight!!

Polar bear in a snowstorm-Need: white paint, blue paper, cotton balls. Let children paint their blue paper with white paint, any way they would like. Then glue in the middle a cotton ball or two. Label the picture, "Polar Bear In a Snowstorm". Make sure to read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear, by Eric Carle to the children, before you do this activity.

I also make up a display for my AAC devices to accompany this story. I scan the pictures from the book, and then program the picture/button to make the animal's sound. Non verbal children can press the buttons to join in with the story.

Paper Plate penguins-Need: regular size and small size paper plates, black and orange construction paper, glue. The regular size paper plate will be the body, the small size paper plate will be the face; You will need to precut these items: triangular beak and flippers from orange. Wings, stomach middle, head patch, and eyes from black. Glue together.

Egg carton Penguins-Need: Egg carton cups(2 per penguin), orange and black construction paper, white paint, wiggly eyes, and glue. Precut the orange flippers and beak; and the black stomach middle, wings, and head patch. First, paint the two egg cups white, and let dry. Next, glue the two cups on top of each other mouth of cup to mouth of cup. Then glue on wings to the side, head patch on top of head, and stomach middle. Then glue on wiggly eyes and beak.

Lace up mittens- Trace two mittens onto colored paper, of choice; cut out, decorate, and lace with yarn or vinyl lace.

Hands to Heart Mitten-Trace two mittens on desired color of paper. Dip paint in flesh colored paint and press onto one mitten. On the other mitten, glue on a paper heart, write name, and year. If desired, add cotton balls for trim. Then punch a hole in both mittens and attach together with yarn.

Hands Snowflake- Make a hexagon pattern, trace onto white paper,cut out and glue onto purple or blue paper. Dip hands in white paint and press along the hexagon. Lightly sprinkle irridescent snow glitter on the snowflake.

White Doily Snowmen-Get two sizes(small and medium) to make a snowman. You can do it one of two ways: 1. Glue the big doily down for the body and the small doily down for the head. Then decorate with hat and scarf, and buttons. 2. Paint the bottom side of the doilies and lay down over contrasting paper. Then lift the doilies off to have a perfect painted doily snowman. Then add painted features. We are reading "Snowballs" by Lois Elhert and making our snowman by gluing the doilies down. We are making the hat from upholstery samples, using various trims for the scarf, and buttons for the eyes, nose, and buttons.

Penguin Hands- Trace one hand on black paper and cut out. Cut out a white igloo piece and stomach middle. Take a piece of blue paper and paint on "snow" on the bottom of the paper. Glue igloo in the background and black hand on the snow. Then glue on the white stomach middle on the penguins body. Then add an orange construction paper beak and wiggly eyes.

Penguin fishing-Make a blackline master of a penguin and trace onto black paper and precut. Then have students glue on a white stomach middle. Add wiggly eyes and orange beak. Then the fun part. Let the children glue on Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers onto his stomach middle. This helps the kids see what penguins eat!! *** I make this penguin and attach him onto a yard stick and use him with the Penguin song.***

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