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Fire Safety

(This is a small unit, as I am not doing this as an individual unit this year)


Circle Time (Songs/Fingerplays)

I'm a Firefighter

(Little Teapot Tune)

I'm a firefighter, my name is John.

I put my boots and helmet on.

I hurry to the fire and give a shout!

With a burst of water,

The fire is out!

Did you Ever See a Fireman

(Did you ever see a Lassie tune)

Did you ever see a firefighter, a firefighter, a firefighter,

Did you ever see a firefighter slide down a pole?

Slide this way and that way and that way and this way?

Did you ever see a firefighter slide down a pole?

Substitute with.... Ride on the fire truck, feed his fire dog, grab the fire hose, put out the fire)


Fireman Number Eight

Fireman, fireman, number eight

Bumped his head on the gate.

The gate swung in,

The gate swung out.

That's the way they put the fire out!

Emergency, emergency 9-1-1

(Repeat twice more)

Ten Brave Firefighters

Ten brave firefighters

Standing in a row.

Ding, Ding rings the bell

Down the pole they go.

Jump on the fire truck

Ready to aim the hose

Climb up the ladder

Whoosh! Out the fire goes

(Continue to drop a number as you go)


We Like to Play-This is an adaptive book by Pati King DeBaun that you can check out, copy, and color. This book accompanies the communication display you use on your AAC device. Non-verbal children can see the picture communication symbols, as you read the book. They can hit the same symbol on their AAC and join in with the story.


Art Projects

Fire Spatters- Draw a simple house fram with windows onto paper and then duplicate for each child. Let child color, if he/she desires. Then give each student a tiny dot of red in each window. Encourage him/her to blow thru a straw to blow the paint, to create a fire spray effect. Repeat with a tiny dot of yellow in each window.

Fire Painting- Give student a black piece of paper. Squirt thick lines of yellow, red, and orange paint randomly onto the paper. Give the child a piece of saran wrap and lay over the paint. Encourage the child to pull the saran wrap off, using vertical pulling action. Remove saran wrap and let dry. If desired glue on a small fire engine.

Big Red- Run a blackline master of a fire engine onto thick tagboard. Then give each child a chance to paint the fire engine red, using fingerpaint, easel paint, marble painting, etc; (To marble paint, dip marbles in red paint. Place picture in a shallow tray and let the children shake the tray back and forth, creating marble marks; continue until child is satisfied. This might be a while!! Smile!)


Firetruck Cookies- Need: Graham crackers, butterknife, plastic butterknives, frosting tinted red, small black creme cookies. First, take out a whole four square graham cracker cookie. Gently press the upper left corner of the first square to cut it off. This creates the fire truck's angle. Then let the children spread red frosting all over the graham cracker. Seperate one chocolate creme cookie. Then place the cookie halves at the bottom of the cracker, creating wheels. Enjoy!!!

Fire Cups- Need: Small clear cups, red, yellow, and orange jello, cool whip, blue food coloring. First prepare all of the jello and chill. Then once chilled, cut the jello into small cubes. Mix the cool whip and a small bit of blue coloring in a bowl, set aside. Encourage each child to spoon in some red jello into the cup. Then spoon on orange, then yellow, creating layers. Lastly, dollop with some blue whip. You now have fire cups!!!

Center Ideas

Blocks- Add small firetrucks, ambulances, firemen, etc; to your block area. Model for the children how to create a firestation by building a tower with a drive thru passage. Encourage children to build their own firestations, houses, etc;


Fire Findings-Add red shredded tissue paper to the table. Hide items that are fire safety related: fire engines, fire hat, firemen, water hose piece.

Creating fire-Add ziploc bags of red and yellow paint for the children to squish around with. They will enjoy creating the color orange without getting their hands dirty!


Hands on Safety Board-Create a hands on bulletin board for the children. Make a large firestation on red paper, laminate and position on board. Find fire safety clip art: flames, fireman, firehats, dalmations, fire engine, no smoking, fire alarm; laminate and cut close around the object. Trace an outline of each object for the students to match the correct object too. If desired on the outline, write the word of the object to be placed there. Print to picture matching.

Decorate your puppet stage to look like a window on a house. Add flames around the window. Then add puppets for the children to recreate saving someone from a fire. I made a fireman from felt, and then add other people puppets. You can also add Sparky, Fire Dog Sam, or Smoky the Bear.


Add dress up items such as: fireman hats, a fireman's outfit, a chart of stop, drop, and roll, a small piece of waterhose, plastic fire hydrant, etc;


Make a magnetic board set of a fireman and his tools. Use clipart, laminate, cut out, and then attach magnet sheet to the back. Make a fireman, coat, dog, hydrant, fire station, fire engine, water hose, etc; This can also be done with a flannelboard.

Counting Dots-Make dalmation fire dogs. Write numbers 1-10 on the cards, and stick on red dots to correspond with that number. Place a supply of red hots to use as counters. Keep a supply of these on hand, the kids will love it when they realize it's candy. It gives them a sensation of "hot". They don't seem to eat too many though!!

Fine motor-

Lacing shapes-Make lacing shapes using an enlarged firehat, fire engine, and dalmation.

Fiery Necklaces-Use red vinyl lacing string to lace colored macaroni: red, yellow, and orange.


Gross motor-

Stop Drop and Roll- Go over this demonstration with the children; encourage them to act out each of the steps, until they can automatically do it. They love this one!!

Ladder Rungs- Bring in small wooden ladder and let the children take turns jumping/hopping thru the rungs. First between each rung, label a number with masking tape. Encourage the child to say each number as he/she hops thru the rung. A child is supported on the side, by hand, from the assistant or teacher. Supervision is required.

Fire Safety Links