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165 Dynamic Sermon Outlines

12 Sermons on the Second Coming of Christ by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

12 Sermons on the Love of Christ by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Evangelism by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

200 Sermon Outlines

Exegetical Preaching (4 Volume Set) by Spiros Zodhiates

Faithful Living in a Faithless World by Roy Clements

Fellowship With God by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

From Mess to Miracle-- : And Other Sermons by William Watley

Grace for Grace by Watchman Nee

Great Characters of the Bible by Clarence Macartney

Great Interviews of Jesus by Clarence Macartney

The Greatest Texts of the Bible by Clarence Macartney

Handbook of Themes for Preaching by James W. Cox

Highways of the Heart by George H. Morrison

The Book of Women's Sermons : Hearing God in Each Other's Voices

Creating a Healthier Church: Family Systems Theory, Leadership, and Congregational Life (Creative Pastoral Care and Counseling Series)
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Managing Church Conflict
by Hugh F. Halverstadt

Each link will take you to a web page with anywhere from a few sermons to several hundred. All links had free sermons when I visited them last. If the policy has changed, please let me know and that link will be removed. Some links have services you may purchase, however that will be your decision. If you have a sermon web page you would like listed, EMAIL the location and we will be happy to consider it


As you browse through each sermon site, when you find a sermon you wish to file for future reference, create a file in your "favorites" or "bookmark" program with a word or words to identify it (ie. Sermons - FAITH ). Place the URL of that sermon in that file. As you find other sermons on that subject, place them in that same file.

NOTE: Listing a link here does not mean endorsement. You must decide which sermons are supported by your theology.

John R. W. Stott on Preparing Sermons
  1. Sermons of Bob Haines
  2. Sermons of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church
  3. Sermons of Brad Hall
  4. Sermons of David W. Hall
  5. Sermons of Jim L. Hamby
  6. speeches and sermons - Richard L. Hamm
  7. Sermons by Esther Hargis
  8. Sermons of Mark Hardgrove
  9. Sermons of M. Steve Heartsill
  10. Sermons of Robert Hennagin
  11. R. Lawton Higgs, Sr.
  12. Sermons of Johnny Hunt
  13. Sermons of Jack Hyles
  14. J. David Hoke
  15. Sermons by David Holwick
  16. Sermons by David Horner
  17. Sermons of Stephen Hughes
  18. Sermons of Lee Irons
  19. Sermons of Al Jackson
  20. Sermons of Maze Jackson
  21. Sermons of Larry L. Johnson
  22. William E. Johnson Sermons
  23. Sermons of Beth W. Johnston
  24. Sermons of Scott Jord
  25. Sermons of Clare Kelley
  26. Sermons of Clarence Kelly
  27. Sermons of Michael F. Kelly
  28. Sermons of Jack Klem
  29. Sermons by James Knox
  30. Sermons of Ernie V. Lassman and Robert A. Rogers
  31. Sermons of Thorwald Lorenzen
  32. Sermons of Nathan Little
  33. Sermons of Craig Loscalzo
  34. Sermons of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  35. Sermons of Martin Luther
  36. Sermons of Erwin W. Lutzer
  37. Sermons of Charles Lyons
  38. Sermons of John MacAuthor, Spurgeon & Others"
  39. The John MacArthur Collection
  40. Alexander Maclaren
  41. Sermons of Todd MacLeod
  42. George MacDonald
  43. Sermons of Donald S. Mahan
  44. Sermons by Dennis Marquardt
  45. Sermons of Greg Massanari
  46. Sermons of Cotton Mather
  47. Sermons By Hollis Ray Mathis
  48. Sermons by James McCullen
  49. Sermons from McDonald Rd Seventh-day Adventist Church
  50. Sermons of Russell F. Metcalfe, Jr.
  51. Sermons of Al Meredith
  52. sermons by J McNair
  53. Sermons of John Miller*
  54. Sermons by Zeke Moore
  55. Sermons of Ralph and Lucille Moore
  56. Sermons of G. Campbell Morgan
  57. Sermons By George Morrison
  58. Sermons of L.T. Moss
  59. Sermons of Scott R. Murray
  60. sermon of Steven C. Myat
  61. Sermons of Eugene Nelson, Jr.
  62. Sermons of Bryan Naugle
  63. Sermons of Asahel Nettleton
  64. Sermons of Phil Newton
  65. Sermons of Harold E. O'Chester
  66. Sermons by Luke Ooi
  67. Sermons of Tom Ott

  68. Edward Payson's sermons
  69. Sermons of Bob Petterson
  70. Sermons by Coty Pinckney
  71. Sermons from Poland Community Church
  72. Sermons of Frank Pollard
  73. Sermons from Presbyterian Church of Fair Oaks (audio)
  74. Sermons from St. Paul Presbyterian
  75. Sermons by Roger Pickett
  76. Sermons of Coty Pinckney
  77. Arthur W. Pink's Archive
  78. Reformed & Presbyterian Sermons
  79. Sermons by Peter Perry
  80. Sermons of John Piper
  81. Sermons of Wil Pounds
  82. Sermon Outlines of Neil Prokop
  83. Pro Life Sermons
  84. Sermons by Don Pucik

The Attributes of God : A Journey into the Father's Heart by
A.W. Tozer

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
by Jim Cymbala and Dean Merrill

Church Administration Handbook

The Preaching Life by Barbara Brown Taylor

Funeral Homilies

Wedding Sermons and Marriage Ceremonies

Baker's Funeral Handbook : Resources for Pastors

Baker's Wedding Handbook : Resources for Pastors

201 Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Special

Words for Your Wedding : The Wedding Service Book

Best Funeral Meditations

The Minister's Manual by James W. Cox

Christian Ministers Manual by Rod Huron

The Case for Faith : A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity by Lee Strobel

The Case for Christ : A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel

Home by Another Way by Barbara Brown Taylor

Spiritual Depression : Its Causes and Cure by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Why Does God Allow Suffering? by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Joyful Giving : Sermons on Stewarship by Dan Moseley
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