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The Complete Book of Business and Legal Forms : Ready-To-Use Forms for Your Business

The Copyright Handbook : How to Protect & Use Written Works

  2. Academic Info - Legal Resources Directory of legal resources organized by topic. Find sites dedicated to civil rights, criminal law, immigration, and intellectual property.
  3. CataLaw Meta-index of law and government sites. To search, choose a legal topic, a region, and document type.
  4. Expert Search Legal research company finds the testimony of past expert witnesses and publishes jury trial summaries. Access the database and search for free.
  5. Internet Law LibraryMassive database contains over 200,000 international legal resource links. Sign up for a free trial account or access the newsletter.
  6. The Internet LawyerConsult the links to fact-finding resources and legal research articles. Contains information about legal marketing.
  7. Katsuey Kat's Legal Links Offers links for virtually every aspect of the legal profession, including arbitration, education, public records, immigration, and int'l law.
  8. Law Engine Legal research site provides a bookstore, a list of law firms, access to legal dictionaries, and details about renowned federal and state cases.
  9. Law Library & Legal Research Guides Legal research specialist at the University of Houston has compiled this list of guides. Links include case law sources and litigation aids.
  10. Legal Fiction Provides legal research to fiction writers, including novelists, dramatists, screenwriters, television writers, and essayists. See its rates.
  11. Legal Information Institute Cornell University's law dept. presents this legal research database. Find constitutions, court opinions, and laws by source or jurisdiction.
  12. Legal Journals on the Web University of Southern California Law School and Library provides this A-Z list of law journals, reviews, and newsletters worldwide.
  13. Legal Research Center Swiss firm offers links to international law and intellectual property issues. Access prominent law schools' pages.
  14. Legal Research Using the Internet Law librarian at the Univ. of Chicago presents a compelling case for using the Internet for legal research. Many research links.
  15. Meta-Index for US Legal Research Georgia State University's legal research resource and search engine. Check out the legislation, federal regulations, and judicial opinions.
  16. Research the World Find guides to and listings for a variety of legal resources. Topics include intellectual property, legal conferences, and Internet law.
  17. Researching Trademarks Attorney Susan E. Gindin has compiled this resource. Explains how to research trademarks and then provides corresponding links.
  18. Rominger Legal Contains resources, professional directories, state and federal legal links, organizations, publications, and legal technology information.
  19.  Explains the marriage requirements that span most of the US such as minimum age, capacity to consent, and blood tests.
  20. Legal Status in the Roman World This article shows the customs and laws associated with marriage in Ancient Rome.
  21. Marriage Laws - Offers some links and details on the legal issues of getting hitched, getting licenses, and taking blood tests.
  22. Legal Aid (U.K.) It is often thought that legal aid is free whereas that is often not so.
  23. Legal Resources - From the L.S.U. Department of Political Science
  24. Internet Legal Resource Guide Designed for everyone, lay persons and legal scholars alike, it is quality controlled to include only the most substantive legal resources online.
  25. Law.Net The Law.Net concept is to provide valuable and entertaining electronic information regarding law for the everyday user.
  26. Virtual Law Library is organized by organization type (i.e. U.S. Government Servers) and by legal topic (i.e. Contracts). There is also a list of search tools and other comprehensive sites for law.
  27. West's Legal Directory is a service of West Publishing Corporation that makes it easy to locate information about law firms, government offices, corporate law offices and lawyers in the United States and Canada.