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Where you can get information regarding hoaxes.
  • Internet Hoaxes
  • Virus Hoax Listing
  • Tech Zone Anti -Virus
  • Hoax warnings on the run
  • Hoaxes & Myths
  • Internet Fraud Watch
  • National Fraud Link List
  • Common Hoaxes & Misconceptions
    Help end the cycle of email
    fraud and deception

    If you've been on the Net for even a few days, I'm sure you've gotten
    your share of virus hoaxes and Net legends. I gave up responding to the
    4,329 people in the CC: line to tell them it's a hoax a long time ago.
    Enter Hoaxkill. If you forward any of these hoaxes to them, their software
    will then extract the addresses of all previous recipients from the message
    and inform them all that the message is a hoax. Cool, eh? Try it next time
    you get one:
    CLICK HERE Hoaxkill

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