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PEZ Collectors. . . Synonmymous with the insane, demented, mad, and deranged. These individuals do not just collect Pez, they live for it. Inside the Asylum, you will attempt to try and understand the lives of these sociopaths-what makes them tick??? Everything you need to know about the habit (and I do mean habit!!!) of collecting Pez is inside. WARNING!!!!! If you do not want to end up spending hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on this addiction, I suggest you do not enter and hit the exit button now. I, the director of the asylum will not be held responsible for the actions of my visitors in the event that they spend their life savings on PEZ!!! Enter if you must...If you need to learn about these hideous creatures called Pezheads...(Not for the timid)

PEZ and the PEZ name are registered trademarks of PEZ Candy, Inc. All other material 1998, Patrick Cole. Any information or opinions expressed are solely of a Pezhead, and should not be take serious, nor taken lightly!!!