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Welcome to Rich's TI-82 Page!

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Screen Savers

Each of these screen savers are ramdom and entirely different each time.
Rotation. The same as Mystify for Windows.
Pyramid. A pyramid rotating in space.
Snowflake. Randomly creates a snowflake image each time.
Building. Very stupid and simple, but well liked.

Stickman Cartoons


More comming soon.

Okay, People have written and wanted more stickman cartoons, but I'm slow and don't know when I'll get around to making more into animated pictures, so here's a zip file with all of them that I have made. I've put the best ones up already so don't be too disapointed by how cheesy they are. Just try to think of them as being funny because the animations is so bad.
And I have one game that I think is worth distributing.
Mine Sweeper.
I've downloaded other people's Mine sweeper games and I think there great, but their too slow for me. I made this one that's centered around going fast so you can enjoy it.

Arrow Keys move you
Enter or 2nd clicks on a mine
+ or mode marks a mine
These programs converted to ascii on the TI-82 Graphlink. Some of the characters on the TI-82 aren't available on a ascii(.as2) file. When the TI graphlink converts a program into a ascii file, it changes certain haracters like the store key (STO>) into different things like \->\, and greater than or equal to into this \>=\. If you have the TI Graphlink or if you download it you can go to File, File Utilities, Import Ascii Program, select the .as2 file, and convert it to a .82p(82 Program). If you own the TI graphlink cable, you can send it directly to your calculator. Otherwise, if open the program, all of the ascii translations appear like they do on the calculator.


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