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Zelda has that much success in its previous versions that Nintendo decided to do Zelda 64. Zelda 64 is a game extremely well made. Zelda 64 is a games where pictures are superb. Zelda 64 is a game where monsters are sometimes tough to beat.

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How to beat the monsters

The first (picture) monster of Zelda : As soon as his eye becomes red, throw him a decu nut. He'll fall down and you'll only have to hit him wherever you want. Repeat that until he dies.

The second monster of Zelda : As soon as he opens his mouth to spit fire, throw a bomb in his mouth. Do that until he dies.

The third monster of Zelda (the jellyfish) : Push on Z. Then, throw him the boomerang. Do that three times. Then, push on Z again and throw him the boomerang. He'll lose the jellyfish, so you'll now only have to kill him.

The fourth monster of Zelda (Ganon's ghost) : First, watch the board on the wall. You'll see Ganon's ghost on his horse. As soon as he comes, shoot on his horse. Do that lots of times. When his horse will be dead, he'll attack you with magnetic balls. Throw them back to him with your sword. If it touches him, he'll fall down; hit him. Repeat it. He'll die.

The fifth monster of Zelda : Take megaton's hammer and hit his head. Then, take your sword and hit him. Do that until he dies.

The sixth monster of Zelda :Push on Z. Take your long shot and shoot. The magnetic ball with water inside will come nearer you. Hit it with the sword many times.

The seventh monster of Zelda (He's in the spirit temple) : Take your mirror shield, wait till a witch shoots on you and reflect his magic on the other one. Do that many times. As soon as they merge, wait till the shoot on you. Block this attack with the mirror shield (ex : if they shoot on you with the fire magic, block it three times). Do the same with the other magic. Once it will be done, your shield will shoot the magic you'll have blocked. Point this magic to the witches. Do that till they die.

The eighth monster of Zelda : Use your bow to shoot in the two hands. Once it's done, use your truth lens to see the monster and shoot in his eye. Do that until he dies.

The one before Ganon : Do like for the fourth.

Ganon (picture): Hit his tail many times. At a certain moment, he'll fall down. Run immediately get your master sword and hit his tail with it. He'll fall again. Zelda will come to help you. You'll only have to hit him on the head once and he'll be dead.

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