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Mountain 56ers Newsletter

Volume No. 1 Issue No. 5 12/13/99 THE MOUNTAIN 56ERS ARE NOW OVER A YEAR OLD! We made it passed the hardest part of forming a new club, the first year. The club is growing in membership as well as fellowship. The friendships made in this club have grown stronger each time we meet. We had a busy year with a cookout, going to the Gathering in Greenville, and keeping Lee in line. Many thanks need to be given out at this time. Thanks to Buddy and Kaye for the use of the (gold Key) shop for the meetings. Thanks to all of the officers who make the club run smoothly. Thanks to the rest of the members who come and make the club what it is. Each one of you has put in an effort to help. Also thanks to Lee and Natalie for inviting the club to their wonderful X- mas party. RETIREMENT DAY HAS COME AND GONE. Retirement day has different meanings to some people, but it all comes down to “ WE HAVE TO HAVE THAT PIECE!”. Some of us were up early receiving e-mail to see what the retirement pieces were. Some of us raced up to Dillard to find out and to buy the ones they didn’t have. Some of us reviewed the list and made a list of their own to pass along as a wish list. A couple of people ( I won’t mention names) hoped we bought plenty of the retired pieces. In every case there was a sense of excitement that came with retirement day. The piece everybody is wanting! The new Millennium piece is here, and Buddy and Kaye at the Merry Christmas Shop are giving one away! This is a numbered piece that comes with a millennium party case. All kinds of goodies are in the case with the piece. The Millennium piece will be given away at the December meeting at Danny and Dee’s. New pieces are announced. New pieces were announced Dec.10th. The Snow Village pieces are as follows: “a home in the making.” set of 2, “champsfield stadium” set of 24, “village bank and trust”, “holy spirit church” set of 2, “grimsly manor”, “super suds Laundromat”, “shelly’s diner” set of 2, “cedar point cabin”, “wsno radio”, lucky dragon restaurant”, “last stop gas station” set of 2. Champsfield stadium seems to be the piece they are most proud of at a price of $195.00! A very nice piece with a lot of accessories.