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Adirondack Mountains, New York

The geology of the Adirondack Mountains has a rich history. For those of you who are interested in metamorphic rocks, the Adirondacks are the place to go. Below are pictures of some geology of the region, with descriptions that will hopefully give you insight into a few of the features of the region. These pictures were taken during one of the geology field trips available to undergraduate geology students at Calvin College ( in Grand Rapids, MI. Each year the Geology department offers trips to different parts of the United States that always prove to be an entertaining and valuable learning experience.

A bouden. The darker blocks of quartzite reacted 'brittle' as the calc-silicate matrix (ductile) flowed around it, breaking it into pieces and carrying it away. Locals refer to it as the 'fallen train'. fallen train

basaltic dike An intrusive dike, basaltic in composition.

Quartz-rich sills known as the 'snakes'. intrusive snake

precambrian sinkhole A Precambrian sink-hole.

Ductile shear zone in Adirondack metamorphic. The crystals in the rock were stretched as the rock sheared along a line seen in this picture. ductile shear zone

dike Another example of an intrusive dike. This one in particular can be traced at least a quarter mile up the stream bed.

A picture of ductile behavior. Calc-Silicate material flowed into the more brittle anorthosite. As can be seen the anorthosite has been heavily metamorphosed, and in some places folded and pulled apart by the invading material. taffy

almandine garnet This photo was taken at the Barton Garnet Mine. The red rock is almandine garnet, the circle of black around the outside is amphibole, and the matrix surrounding is meta-basalt. Apparently when the mine was in operation there were garnets found, that after being excavated, the empty space left behind could house the body of a grown man.

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