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Mountainbuilder Geology
Adirondack Mountains, NY
'glacial links'
Garden of the Gods, CO
White Sands, NM
YupRocks Mineral Specimen Pictures
Celestite: this will take you to Mineral Pictures. Garnet in the Adirondacks. Jumping at White Sands, NM.
Heart Mountain in Wyoming. Calc-Silicate in the Adirondacks. Barite: this will take you to Mineral Pictures.
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"Let me first remark, in reply, that I come before you this evening, not as a philologist, but simply as a student of geological fact, who, believing his Bible, believes also, that though theologians have at various times striven hard to pledge it to false science, geographical, astronomical, and geological, it has been pledged by its Divine Author to no falsehood whatever."
-Hugh Miller from Testimony of the Rocks.
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