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      In Memory of Edward Lamar Simmons

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Taken from the Walker Cnty Messenger Nov.24,1965

Sp. 4 Simmons Killed in Viet Nam; 1st Walker Countian

A week ago today was a typical Novermber
Wenesday in our town.
The air was crisp and cool with just enough bite to warn that another winter waites in the wings.
After lunch the streets and sidewalks had a somewhat deserted look as most businesses obseved a cusomarty min-week afternoon holiday.
And thounds of miles away a young man who had driven trucks and cars over these same streets and had bicycled and walked on these sidewalks died on a battle field.
Edward Lamar Simmons became the first Walker countian killed in action in the war in Viet Nam.
The telegram came Saturday. There were no immediate details.
The blow struck Lamar Simmons family with the full force and finality that similar messages have crushed the bereft of our several wars.
Lamar married Stella Sisemore and he leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simmons, and 12 year old brother Terry of Linwood and married sister, Mrs. John Clark of LaFayette His grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Edward Simmons of LaFayette, and Elmer Ownsby of Dalton and Mrs. Edith Callahan of Chattanooga.
This family and other close to Lamar now awaites his final homecoming. His body will be shipped here for funeral services and burial
Lamar Simmons was 23 years old. He was a Specialist 4 with the 1st Cavarlry Division, an outfit in the thick of the fighting in Viet Nam . He left Ft. Benning last Aug. 15 for duty across the water. After a previous three-year hitch he had re-enlisted in the Army at Ft. McPherson in Atlanta just last April.
The soldier who died last Wenesday was born Aug 7, 1942, a war baby destined to die in yet another war.

Simmons, Spec. 4 Edward Lamar
Born August 7, 1942
Died November 17, 1965
Buried in LaFayette City Cmty in LaFayette, Walker Cnty, Georgia
SP4 - E4 - Army - Regular
1st Cav Division (AMBL)
23 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on Aug 07, 1942
Length of service 4 years.
His tour of duty began on Aug 16, 1965
Casualty was on Nov 17, 1965

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