A Pinch of Salt & A Dash of Tabasco


"An Artist must suffer for his Art."
Some artist probably said that.

Here's what the Artist's wife had to say:
"An Artist must make everyone around him suffer for his Art
while he's having all the fun."


So it is with Obsessions.
Yes, I said the bad word.
(Didn't the psychologists have fun after that movie was released?)

Well, a little obsession can be a lot of fun.

If you've ever been having a really good conversation with someone about your favorite subject and you noticed their eyes glaze over with

That "oh, no, do I have to listen to this again" Look,

you might enjoy this page.

If people always listen to you with rapt attention, please keep on clicking.

You don't belong here.

Still here?

Whatever your particular obsession happens to be --

stamp collecting, gardening, golf, crafts, animals, music --

you all have one thing in common: you are drawn to people with a similar obsession and you are willing to go to any lengths to learn more about it.

So I'm not going to waste your time.
This is my home page and I'm going to talk about my obsessions.

If you're not interested in any of these things,
I'm glad you stopped by and WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO SIGN MY GUEST BOOK (hint, hint)

but please feel free to wander off

before your eyes glaze over.

       The ones with buttons are ready to go -- sort of.

          GARDENING I started my CyberGarden with great ambition and high ideals, but it slid quickly downhill (kinda like my real Garden). Follow the Garden Shoes and they will lead you through the site.
          HTML I know, I know. BORING! Well, maybe not.
          FLAMINGOS Just a short commercial for the Federation of Flamingo Fans. No, they won't peck at you. They're plastic. And PINK!
          THE SOUTH We do things a little bit differently down here in the South. A couple of things to get you started and I'll add more later.
         COOKING I thought the Web needed one more recipe.
         CRAFTS I'm just starting on crafts, so bear with me as this page develops.
         CHOCOLATE There can never be enough chocolate.

Here are some things my family wishes I were interested in but don't hold your breath waiting for these links because, as all of the best home pages so proudly announce, this page is under construction and it may take me years to finish this part:


         MARTHA STEWART She has her own web page and that's a good thing. She'll be happy to tell you anything you want to know.
Boy, did my family get a laugh outta this one.
         HEALTH &
I'll consider this when chocolate becomes a vegetable.
         CAR UPKEEP A clean car is a sign of a sick mind.
         HOW TO LEAD
Been there, done that. Thought it was boring.
         THE MEANING
         OF LIFE
When I figure out the meaning to the words to "American Pie", I'll start on this one.
         ME No, I'm not shy. I just wouldn't take up a whole page. Well, okay, maybe just a Dash of Things about me.

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