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Crime and Punishment Lithograph


Imagine owning a piece of Dostoyevsky... Now you can!!

For a limited time, Galavin, an acclaimed artist and painter from New Jersey, is making available to the public a very limited quantity of fine art from Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment".

Galavin's works are powerful statements of expression and emotion, such as the picture above, an illustration from Dostoyevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment"

The lithograph shown depicts Marmeladov coming home to the squalor that his wife and children must live in because of his excesses. Accompany him is Raskolnikov who at same time is appalled but fascinated at what he sees. "When I read Crime and Punishment and came to this scene I immediately took out pen and paper to translate my emotions into picture. As in Shakespeare words "Has much to do with hate, but more with love" the scene shows every man's tug of war with the story we call life."

This picture, among others, was on exhibit in Europe and now exists as a Fine Art Lithograph in limited edition. This detailed lithograph is available for a price of $125.00 - the measurements are 17x22.

Galavin, a native New Jerseyan, has been fascinated by art, sketching, painting and sculpting from childhood on. After living and studying in Europe for fifteen years, Galavin is now residing in the states.

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