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Poems From The Heart



As Mothers Day approaches, my thoughts turn towards your way,
Wishing I could be there just so that I could say ...
You mean so much to me mom - with all you say and do,
For everything I have achieved, was inspired by Love from you !

You were there right from the start to teach me as I grew.
You gave me love and encouragement, But you knew when to scold me too !
I use to think you were too harsh, when you got down on my case,
But now I know you showed me Love, and taught me of God's grace !

I'd like to take this special day - To Thank You for what you've done,
And all the help that you have been - to so many little ones !
Your house has been a home to more than the children that you bore,
You listened when you heard God's call and knew what he called you for !

They didn't have to be yours, for you to love them too,
The only thing they had to do - was have a need for you.
I realized in my thoughts today - How Lucky I Must Be !
That You are my real Mother, and You're always there for Me !!!

Lilly Summerall
May 8, 1996

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God's Unspoken Love

From my front porch at dawns first light,
Till the sun's up strong on the garden bright,
I watch the birds above in flight,
And other creatures with delight.

The sun's first ray, the morning dew,
A singing bird, and the day is new.
The flowers fragrance fills the air,
The wonderful scents are everywhere!

God shows his Love in many ways,
Just watch it bloom in each sun's new rays.
You do not see him, but know he's there.
He shows with wondrous works - He Cares!

@ Lilly Summerall
10 - 4 - 1996

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I Love You

Even though we're miles apart I'd like for you to know,
You're always in my thoughts more than words can show.
As I get up each morning, I think of things we've done,
Then I think of you again - about Twelve-thirty or One.

As the evening approaches I think that I will call,
Then I think of my bills again and decide that I will stall.
This goes on for several days, then - desires too strong to resist,
So I decide what the heck - I will call the very best !!!

So I go ahead and call you - Just to hear it ring,
I did not get an answer - from the blasted thing !
I will try to call you later, just so that we can chat.
Then we can compare our thoughts, About our little rug-rats !

Or maybe I should mail it - to send my Love to you
And hope when you receive it, it does not make you blue !
I sit here and I ponder, which way should I go ?
And decide it doesn't matter, as long as my Love I show !!!


@Lilly Summerall

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I look up towards the heavens,
And all I see is blue.
Blue sky's, white clouds,
But not one trace of you.

So I look a little deeper,
Looking left and looking right,
I look deeper and deeper,
Into the cold, dark night.

I still haven't seen,
What I wish to see,
So I looked within my heart,
And you appeared to me !

Your smile was so bright,
Your eyes - a lovely blue,
Happy - as always,
The way I remember you !

@ Lilly Summerall

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God Will Take Care Of You

In your times of trouble
My thoughts are there with you.
By faith you know the grace of God,
And know he's with you too !

Sometimes you feel so helpless,
You don't know what to do,
Just turn it over to the Lord,
And he will help you through !

If you will check your Bible,
Psalms 46 verse 1,
It says - God is our strength in trouble.
Faith tells you - His will shall be done !

He's always been there for you,
He will never let you down !
Keep up the spirit - my dear friend,
God will erase your frown !!!!

@Lilly Summerall
5 / 8 / 1996

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My Friend

My friend is very dear to me,
As special as can be.
If you were to meet this friend,
You would clearly see.

This type of person's special,
You don't see them every day,
The ones you tend to meet just now,
Are made another way !

My friend is from the old school,
And manners must remain.
They share with you the good times,
In sad, they soothe the pain.

They always want to be a help,
They never question "why?"
If the shoe were on the other foot,
You would give the same reply !

Lilly Summerall

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I'm just sitting by the ocean
Looking at the sea,
Thinking about you
And thinking about me.

The waves come gently rolling in
Calling out your name,
Reminding me of days gone by
When you would hear the same !

They beckon you to come again
for the gifts they have for you,
The shells - left gently on the beach,
Of the beautiful ocean blue.

I know you love the ocean,
You'll miss it dearly now,
But you'll be back to see it,
You will find a way - somehow !

@Lilly Summerall
7 - 20 - 1996

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Puppy Love

They say that time will heal all wounds,
I hope that this is true.
For when I finally found you,
My heart broke right in two!

I hate to see you hurting,
To know you're in such pain,
And to know there's nothing I can do
really makes me go insane!

I wish I could erase the time
you slipped away from me,
But I'll watch you even closer now,
This I'll guarantee!

Tomorrow you will come home
And I'll be there for you,
To nurse you back to normal,
And show I Love You Too!!!

@Lilly Summerall
6 - 6 - 1996

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The Power From Above

The breeze is gently blowing,
I smell the ocean air,
The waves are slowly rolling,
Flowing through my hair.

The Seagulls flying up above
Are lovely in the sky.
They search the water and the beach,
With spirits soaring high.

The sun is rising in the east
With help from God above,
To show the gulls their morning feast,
And bless them with his Love !

He's there to gently guide you,
Like the breeze of the ocean air,
He listens and he answers,
When you go to him in prayer.

@Lilly Summerall
7 - 25 - 1996

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My Miracle

My extraordinary miracle
is a gift from God to me.
A bundle of love for Mom and Dad,
A joy as you can see.

God sent our "little miracle"
to grow up in his way.
We made a promise to our Lord,
To teach our child to pray.

So as you grow my "little one",
We promise this to you,
To take you to our "Fathers House"
so you may know him too !

We'll teach you of his miracles,
his hardships and his pains,
the miracles taken for granted today,
like flowers, sunshine, and rain.

To show how much He loves you,
He gave the life of his only son.
To wash away all the sins,
that you and I have done !

So one day darling, when you are grown,
you may also share,
The Miracle of love that God has given,
with a special one, somewhere !

@Lilly Summerall

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I'm missing you on Father's Day, I wish you could be here !
Each time I think of you today, my eyes fill up with tears.
I went to church this morning and had you on my mind,
They had a special service about fathers of your kind !

They spoke of other fathers too, but they were not like you,
Cause you're the type of father who does the best that he can do !!!
You're not a next week father, that never finds the time,
Nor are you one who says shut-up, just so I'll change my mind !

You're the type of Father that some folks just wish for,
You're there when ere I need you - no one can ask for more !!
You've been there for me as I grew to teach me right from wrong.
You've taught me Love and so much more, You've filled my heart with song!

Even when we disagreed, you did not scream at me,
You took time to explain it - and then you set me free.
I had to learn from my mistakes, but was given your advice,
and for that - I grew stronger, to live a better life !

Many things have gone unsaid - I'd like to thank you for,
The Love that you have given, and also much, much more !!!!!

Lilly Summerall
June 1996

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