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Kaelten Jared

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Hello My Name is Kaelten Jared Mildenstein! This website was made so my family could show off just how cute I am. We are under a lot of construction lately, Updating all my picture pages. We have close to 500 photos of little ole me on here, so feel free to browse.
Guess what I am offically a living, breathing, destroying toddler! I just turned 16 months old (06/08/00). I have been walking since I was about 10 and 1/2 months old. I talk so much lately. But not English. It's my own language and everyone says it sound chiness.
I am such a smart boy. I can tell you were my bell button, nose, eyes, mouth, and ears are. I can do patty cake (the roll it part is my favorite...and I tend to rush it). I also do 5 little ducks too.
One of my favorite things to do is dance. I made up a new one where I bob my head while I'm sitting in the car. It's so cute, and it makes everyone laugh. I also love cars a lot. Any time I see one pass by I point at it and either say Ohhhhh...or something that sounds like look.
Anyway thanks for stopping by my page. Be sure to check out the photo's and also the all about me page. Oh and don't forget to sign my guestbook before you go!

Kaelten Jared
These are my animals!! I adopted them!
The little kitty's name is Kara-Elizabeth, the dogs' is Rumsfield, and the ginny's name is Jerry

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