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Kaelten's Growth Chart!

7lb 3oz
19 1/2 inches
6lb 15oz
19 1/2 inches
7lb 8oz
20 1/2 inches
9lb 8oz
20 1/2 inches
10lb 10oz
22 3/4 inch
14lb 12oz
25 1/2 inch
16lb 8oz
28 inches

Kaelten Facts
  • Born: February 8, 1999
  • Time: 10:48 PM
  • Weight: 7 Pounds 3 Ounces
  • Height: 19 1/2 inches
  • Hair Color: Curly Black
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • APGAR'S: 8 & 9
  • 230 baby born in 1999, at American Fork Hospital!

    What is Kaelten up to?

    February 8, 1999-Kaelten Jared Mildenstein is born at 10:48 PM via C-section, weighing 7lb 3oz, and 19 1/2 inches in length. He had dark wavy hair, and beautiful blue eyes, he looks a lot like his Daddy!

    February 10, 1999-Baby Kaelten arrives home at 11:30 AM. He seems like a very happy baby, and rarely cries, he's such a sweetie-pie!

    February 11, 1999- Kaelten has his first outing to Walmart. He slept the whole time and seemed to enjoy being pushed around in his stroller.

    February 11, 1999-Kaelten has his first bath at home, given by his Mommy & Daddy. He wore his Noah's Ark hooded towel and looked so cute!

    February 14, 1999-Happy Valentines Day! Kaelten celebrates his very first Holiday, Valentines Day. He recived many cards, and even a few presents!

    February 14, 1999-Kaelten has his very first visit to Grandma & Grandpa Mildenstein's House! He had lots of fun having a fast sunday dinner with his family!

    February 19, 1999-Kaelten's Umbilical cord falls off! He's ready for those onesies and a real bath!!

    February 23, 1999-Kaelten's first Party! It was Uncle Jeff's 15th Birthday, and Kaelten got to come eat pizza and sing happy birthday!

    February 26, 1999-Kaelten has his first trip to the Doctor. He weighs 7lb 8oz now, and has grown a whole inch!

    February 27, 1999-First time Mommy and Daddy Left Kaelten alone with a Babysiter!! Aunt Rachael stayed with Kaelten for a few hours!

    February 28, 1999-Kaelten had his first trip to church for Aunt Shannon's Mission Farewell. He was so tired he slept the whole entire time.

    February 28, 1999-The Weather was so warm in Utah, that Kaelten was able to attend his first outside picnic in the park!

    March 1, 1999-Kaelten gets his first cold. He had the sniffles, and a bit of a fever.

    March 6, 1999-Kaelten had his first visit to Grandma & Grandpa Bosko's house. He had a great time shopping, and eating ice cream!

    March 8, 1999-Kaelten's One Month Birthday!! He had a great time napping, and snacking! He's such a big boy!

    March 10, 1999-Yay!! Kaelten finally fit into his 0-3 month clothes! No more nightgowns and sleepers for him! He actually got to wear his overalls!

    March 15th, Kaelten's first experiance with wind. He likes to stick his tongue out and lick it!

    April 5, 1999-Kaelten responds to Mommy's voice, and seems to be paying attention a lot more. What a smarty pants he is!

    March 15, 1999-Kaelten has his very first experience with wind! He likes to stick his tongue out and lick it!

    March 17, 1999-Kaelten wears his very first spring outfit! Thanks to Great Grandma & Grandpa Mildenstein for giving it to him, he looked so cute!

    March 18, 1999-Kaelten has a very long visit to Grandma & Grandpa Draper's House! It was his first long adventure to their house. He seemed to have had a great time!

    March 18, 1999-Kaelten graduates to size one diapers! Wow, he's getting so big!

    March 23, 1999-Kaelten finally gets sucking his thumb down to a tee!!

    March 24, 1999-Kaelten has to go see the doctor because he has a rash on his head. But don't worry everything is a-okay, it's not too serious!!

    March 26, 1999-Kaelten Moves out of his Bassinet and into his big boy crib! He is having a bit of a hard time ajusting, but he seems like he's getting more and more used to it! He's such a big boy!

    March 28, 1999-This is a very important day, because it was Kaelten's blessing day. He got a very special name and blessing from his Daddy, The name Kaelten Jared Mildenstein and a blessing that will help him as he grows up. Lots of people helped his Daddy give him the blessing, Grandpa Mildenstein, Grandpa Draper, Uncles, Aaron, Jason, Joe, Ryan, Chris, Dana, and the Bishop. We had a really big party after, and everyone was there. My Grandma & Grandpa Mildenstein, Bosko, and Draper, My Aunts Kara, Rachael, Rachel, Dianna, Becky, Deborah, Uncles, Jason, Aaron, Joe, Jerry, Ryan, Dana, Matt, Jeff, Danny, and Chase, and Cousins, Emma & Abria. It was a pretty great day, and I was so happy to see my whole family!

    April 1, 1999-It's april Fools Day! Kaelten is smiling so much more, and ever laughs when tickled!

    April 3, 1999-Kaelten's Great Grandma and Grandpa Mildenstein come down to visit Kaelten and His cousins! This was there first time ever meeting the Great Grandson! They all had such a ball

    April 4, 1999-Happy Easter!! Kaelten celebrates his very first Easter with his family! The Big bunny brought him tonz of candies, a Chicken, some stickers, and a fluffy duck. He got 3 Easter Baskets from the Bunny, he's so spoiled!

    April 4, 1999-Kaelten holds head up for first time!! Such a big guy!!

    April 5, 1999-Kaelten gets his first professional pictures taken at Kiddie Kandis! He was such a good boy, but sadley wouldn't smile for the camera!

    April 8, 1999-Happy two-month Birthday to you! Happy two-month Birthday to you! Happy two-month Birthday Dear Kaelty, Happy two-month Birthday to you!!

    April 10, 1999-Kaelten gets to go to his first ever play! He watch Newsies directed by his Grandma Draper! He seemed to enjoy it, infact he slept the whole time!!

    April 14, 1999-Kaelten has his second Doctors appointment. He had to get a couple of shots and he cried for so sad. He has beefed up though, he almost weighs 11 pounds!! He is still pretty short at 22 3/4 inches, but he's growing!

    April 17, 1999-Kaelten gets a brand new activity Gym!! He loves to look at himself in the little mirror, and stick his tongue out! He's having so much fun!

    April 19, 1999-Kaelten is slowly getting into the stage of bringing anything he holds into his moth!

    April 22, 1999-It's Kaelten's Daddy's Birthday! He had lots of fun eating cake and having a fun time!

    April 23, 1999-Kaelten goes to Grandma Mildenstein's for a party for Daddy! He had so much fun, and was pooped out at the end of the day!

    April 24, 1999-Kaelten has his first party at a Diner! Another Party for Daddy was held at Galaxy Diner, it was so much fun! Grandpa Draper even got a lady to make a balloon raddle for Kaelten, what a fun day!

    May 8, 1999-Kaelten turns thee months old!! He is also fitting into his 3-6 month clothing...what a little Chubs!

    May 6, 1999-Kaelten sleeps without his wedge, an Mommy finds him side ways in his bed!

    May 9, 1999- Happy Mother's Day Mommy! Kaelten goes to visit all of his Grandma's on this day. He enjoyed a great dinner at Grandma Bosko's too!

    May 12, 1999-Kaelten makes weird faces by sucking in his lips, almost like a fish. Also when on stomach, he shows signs of scooting!

    May 13, 1999-Kaelten is Defiantly a mover and a shaker! He loves to dance and sing all the time!

    May 19th, 1999-Kaelten has his first swing ride this month but today it is with his daddy and he is caught almost rolling off the couch! He has becomme a big mover now.

    May 22, 1999-Today Kaelten went to Grandpa's 50th Luau Birthday Party!! Oww was it a blast. A huge BBQ with lots to eat. Kaelten even got to have some whipped cream! Also his first experiance with ice pops now one of his favorite treats!

    May 23, 1999-Kaelten graduates to size 2 diapers, wow is he a fat boy!

    May 23, 1999-Kaelten is slowly leaning how to grab and because of that we caught him on camera for the first time biting and playing with winnie the pooh.

    June 4, 1999-Kaelten graduates to size 3 diapers, wow is he even fatter!

    June 8, 1999-Happy 4 Month Birthday Kaelteny! He also went to the doctor for a visit. He weighed 14lb 12oz and is now 25 1/2 inches long! The bad thing was he had to have 3 nasty shots. He was a pretty strong boy though, only cried a little bit.

    June 8, 1999-Kaelten is teething the doctor pionted out two teeth coming up boy is he fussy!

    Right aroung June 13, 1999-Kaelten began eating solids just carrot and rice cereal mixed together with juice in a bottle! By the next week we had bought a sippy cup which we took the lid oof and now he drinks from a cup every lunch time when he has solids he love carrots!

    June 27, 1999 Kaelten attends his bestfriend Taylors Blessing and Taylor's mom Deborah is my best friend and has been since we were 14 years old I am so excited that Kaelten and Taylor get the oppurtunity to grow up together!

    The end of June 1999-Kaelten's motor skills with his hands are perfecting he grabs pretty much everything now. His favorite toys are all stuffed animal of Winnie The Pooh and his ring with little noise making hoops. He also turns himself to his side and either plays or trys to reach and grab anything on the floor. As for teething if only those two teeth would just come all the way through he would be so much happier little guy!

    July 3, 1999-Kaelten's first experiance with fire works he got scared and cried but later on that night for the stadium of fire he sat wide eyed and awed at the whole experiance then he fell asleep funny huh! Grandma Mildenstein gave him another sippy cup after Kaelten demonsrtated how good he is at a cup yeah Kaelteny you are such a big boy!

    July 4 to 5, 1999-Kaelten's first sunday at new ward and first fourth of July and on the fifth we woke up really early and went to the freedom festival parade and he loved it until hfeel asleep then we went to a barbeque at south fork he sat and stared up at the tree all day! he had fun now we are trying to get him back on his sleeping schedule it's tough! He also had squash for the first time!

    July 7, 1999-We found out that Kaelten can drink from a cup he so smart and fun!

    July 8, 1999-Kaelten did the American Fork Baby contest and got a bag of goodies and a picture hemay not of won but to us he did and he was wearing a AF band costume that I made for him!

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