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Ash Red (BA); Recessive Red (e//e); and Indigo Velvet Red (In)(Ct) are all produced by different genes or combinations of genes which will give you a red looking pigeon.   Of these, only Ash Red is a true color.   The other two are the result of color modifiers.

Ash Red (BA); like the two other true colors Brown (b) and Blue (+), comes in many different and varied forms.  Recessive Red (e//e) is a modifying gene that will change all three of the basic color forms (Brown, Blue and Ash Red) into a deep red color.   Indigo, only has this red effect on the black body markings of a Blue pigeon.   The rest of the bird becomes an even deeper hue of blue.   Indigo on brown does not produce this red effect.   On ash red it's very hard to tell that it's even there.

Ash Red Velvet (BA);(Ct)

This Ash Red (BA) pigeon has velvet(Ct) as his pattern gene.   Note the color of the tail and wing flights.   They are an ash colored cream.   Some cock birds will carry black spots or flecking on their ash wing and tail feathers.   This indicates he also carries a blue color gene.   Likewise, if the flecking is brown he also carries the brown gene.   Red flicking or the lack of flicking means he carries two genes for red or homozygous red.   A hens flecking, when present, is never black.   Her's would be red.   The tail bar on Ash Red is very faint.   It can be made more visible by the addition of other modifying genes.


Ash Red Check pattern on the left with a "Strawberry" - Ash Red Sooty pattern on he right


"Mealy" - Ash Red Bar pattern on the left with an Ash Red Grizzle on the right

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Recessive Red (any base color)

Genetically this Recessive Red pigeon is a Blue Check, modified by his two Recessive Red genes into this lovely coloration. Note the presence of a tail bar and the extension of the red color out to the tip of the wing flights. This is where the color Ash would have been found, had it been an Ash Red. Thus its name.

Recessive Red is epistatic to the three color genes. This means it will block their expression. It is however recessive and require two genes (factors) to show itself. Ash Red and Indigo are both dominate and only require one factor to show their effects. Ash Red is sex linked while Recessive Red and Indigo are not.

Indigo Red Velvet

Genetically the color of this bird is also Blue. It is modified by the presence of Indigo and Velvet into a deep red coloration over its body. Note the deep blue color of the tail and wing flights. It is here that we find the Indigo Blue color. Replace the velvet pattern with check and you see an indigo red check and so it goes with bar and barless. The less marking or pattern the more Indigo blue color. A barless being all indigo blue Add the spread factor and the bird would be an Andalusian which is a darker almost black color of blue. Indigo check and velvet are often mistaken for Ash Red.

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