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NEWS 16-Sep-2000 - New - the 7th - Competition is opened. Test your knowledge of Civilization!
NEWS 04-Sep-2000 - Competition #6 is closed... at least. Congratulations to all winners!
By the way I have idea of next contest. In a week I hope you'll see it.
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Last updated - 16-Sep-2000
(since 09-Jun-1998)
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It is possibility for testing whether you know Civilization perfectly. There are unusual (for me :)) situations of real games. Do you capable of explaining them?
You can try yourself at Competitions #5 today.
Also there are five closed Competitions. You can see their questions and results.
Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition
These are my reports about "Civ II: MGE". Now there are some opinions about HotSeat mode, Patch v.1.1, Direct Connect Manual and so on...

Though now I'm playing "Test of Time" in local network - three men and four AIs.

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This updated page includes all last news with corresponding links.
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Of course this is the main page of the site.
There are my own programs only.
I am attempting give you new possibilities for Civilization II gaming
  • HiCiV - History of Civilization
  • HiCiV - Illustrated Manual Creator
  • HiCiV - Map Show
  • HiCiV - SDI
  • HiCiV - Civilization Forever
  • Civilization Screen Savers
  • Jokes

Historian`s Workshop
This section contains things I have made by now and I can make to help to scenario designers and usual Civ2 users.
I want to let you know about my second site devoted to Civilization II. It is trial now. This is
"Museum of Civilization"
using Virtual Reality Technology. 

Reviews &Link Page
This is page of brief reviews of other Civilization II sites.
Everyday I travel through Internet and my opinion about some Civ sites I put on this page.
For quick downloading all reviewes divided in several separate pages sorted by review date. See links to these pages at main Reviews page.
Links - this is full list of almost all Civilization related sites.
Today there are about 120 links. Unfortunately it is difficult for me deal with non-English sites, though you can find German, Norway, Spanish, Chinese sites in this list.

Rings - there are two web rings included my site. I have no sure opinion about this Internet feature by now.
Find Real Extraterrestrial Civilization!
This is not joke, this is serious science project, but very amazing one!
If you have enough good computer then while you are playing Civilization - a game - your comp in background can find real unknown Civilization.
I recommend you to visit that link.
Today there are results of previous Quizlets at the page. Some of them are very interesting. By the way you can suppose your question about Civilization for next Quizlet.
Today this page includes ICQ communication panel. You can see if I am online this moment and chat or mail me via ICQ as well as via usual e-mail.
Submissions - at this page you can read invitation for beta testers and also fill in one line forms to submit as beta tester. You can submit my mailing list too.
My Civilization Results
Sometimes I play Civilization II :-). Sometimes I have good (IMHO) results. I even sent one my game in the best Hall of Fame on the Internet. 18-September-98 I started new campaign and in 12 days - by 30-September-98 I have achived excellent result! See this page and say me if you have like one.

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