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Discovered while a sixteen year old student at Hollywood High while drinking a Coke in the Top Hat Cafe. Lana avoided the casting couch partly because she was underage and was getting too much fan mail to offend when she was 18. She married seven times and had one daughter, Cheryl Crane.

Her career spanned almost 40 years. Her first movie, They Won't Forget, introduced her as the "sweater girl" with the sexy walk. Some say her kiss with Robert Taylor in Johnny Eager is the hottest kiss ever. Her version of The Postman Always Rings Twice portrays raw sexual attraction better than current movies and she always had her clothes on and there was not anything explicit. She turned in a memorable dramatic performance in Ziegfield Girl and was nominated for a Best Actress Acadamy Award in Peyton Place.

Most of Lana's problems arose from her being too trusting of others and her fear of bad publicity, even when she was the victim.

Source, Turner, Lana, Lana, Pocket Books, New York, NY, 1982

Body of Work

Film Year Page of Reference They Won't Forget 1937 25

The Postman Always Rings Twice 85

Johnny Eager 62

Ziegfield Girl 1941 56

Peyton Place.

Lana Turner's Body of Work

A Star Is Born, (bit), 1937

They Won't Forget, 1937

The Great Garrick, 1937

The Adventures of Marco Polo, 1938

Four's a Crowd, 1938

Love Finds Andy Hardy, 1938

The Chaser, (bit) 1938

Rich Man Poor Girl, 1938

Dramatic School, 1938

Calling Dr. Kildare, 1939

These Glamour Girls, 1939

Dancing Co-Ed, 1939

Two Girls on Broadway, 1940

We Who Are Young, 1940

Ziegfeld Girl, 1941

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, 1941

Honky Tonk, 1941

Johnny Eager, 1942

Somewhere I'll Find You, 1942

Slightly Dangerous, 1943

The Youngest Profession, 1943

Du Barry Was a Lady, (cameo) 1943

Marriage Is a Private Affair, 1944

Keep Your Powder Dry, 1945

Weekend at the Waldorf, 1945

The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1946

Green Dolphin Street, 1947

Cass Timberlane, 1947

Homecoming, 1948

The Three Musketeers, 1948

A Life of Her Own, 1950

Mr. Imperium, 1951

The Merry Widow, 1952

The Bad and the Beautiful, 1952

Latin Lovers, 1953

Flame and the Flesh, 1954

Betrayed, 1954

The Prodigal, 1955

The Sea Chase, 1955

The Rains of Ranchipur, 1955

Diane, 1956

Peyton Place, 1957

The Lady Takes a Flyer, 1958

Another Time Another Place, 1958

Imitation of Life, 1959

Portrait in Black, 1960

By Love Possessed, 1961

Bachelor in Paradise, 1961

Who's Got the Action?, 1962

Love Has Many Faces, 1965

Madame X, 1966

The Big Cube, 1969

Persecution (or The Terror of Sheba), 1974

Bittersweet Love, 1976


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