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Magical Links

Here are links to some other Magic pages. Some of them are as good as my page.

-Wizards of The Coast
-The Magic Dojo
-Just Magic
-Magic Paradise
-The Bazaar of Wonders
-Hellkite's Magic Lair
-MightyPlanet's Magic Universe
-Mikko's Magic the Gathering Place
-Keepers of the Lotus
-Syxx Pac's Magic Homepage
-The Spellcasters Guild
-The Jesters Cap
-Da Magic Palace
-Chipmunker's Ultimate Magic Page
-The Magic Mecca
-Safehaven's Magic Page
-Ghost Town MTG Cards & Soiler Lists
-Bodi's Magic Page
-The Magic House
-Squee's MTG Page
-Jordan's MTG Kingdom
-Leon's MTG Page
-Magic: The Gathering Decks, Combos And Information
-Kujio's House of CCGs
-Magic the Website
-Magic: The Gathering
Magic Online Trading League
-Magic: The Gathering
-Kai's Magic: The gathering page.

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