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This is the Combos/Strategy Page

Here are some great combos that I have put, and others sent me.


-Snake Basket+Mogg Infestation+Goblin Bombardment=Get some creatures with the Basket the use the Infestation to double it, and use the Bombardment.
-Reins of Power+Goblin Bombardment=Trade creatures, attack, then sac them for more damage.
-Channel+Fireball=If you have more life you can burn him till their dead
-Ball Lightning+Contempt=6 damage each turn because the ball returns to your hand at the end of combat
-Fevor+Mogg Infestation+Mogg Infestation=Multiple amounts of attacking goblins.
-Breeding Pit+Mob Justice=After you get a plethora of thrulls, use the justice to do lots of damage.
-Sliver Queen+Heartstone+Ashnod's Altar=Pump out many creatures for cheap with the Queen then send them out for a massive attack or sac them for mana to use a huge fireball.
-Pandemonium+Phyrexian Dreadnought=Cast Dreadnought & do 12 damage then let it die. 12 damage for 4 mana.
-Mogg Bombers+Living Death+Survival of the Fittest=You cast survival of the fittest, then you use it to put about 10 of your creatures in the graveyard, including a Mogg Bombers. Then cast living death. Since when the Mogg Bombers came into play from the living death, and 9 other creatures came into play Simulataniusly, you deal 3 damage for each creature. They take 27 damage.
-any En-Kor+Mogg Maniac+Shock=Shock the En-Kor, redirect the damage to himself for awhile, then send it to the Maniac.
-Orcish Spy+Booby Trap=Use the spy on opponents cards, then set the trap.
-Crpyt Rats + Black Ward + Spirit Link = Ward the rats and kill all his creatures while gaining life and the rats still lives.
-Brand+Reins of Power=Cast the Reins then the brand and have a huge attack.
-Pandemonium+Aluren+Man-o-war=Infinite damage, by returning the Man-o-war to your hand and recasting it.

Drawing Cards

-Spellbook+Alluren+Recycle=Use Spellbook to skip discard phase, and Alluren to lay down any creature you draw, and with Recycle, you draw another card for every card you play.
-Pursuit of Knowledge + Portent = Dont draw the three cards when casting Portent to put three counters to the Pursuit, then sacrifice to draw seven new cards.

Creature Advantage

-Palinchron + Mana Flare + Fireball = Play palinchron with the mana flare out. Tap the seven lands; you now have fourteen mana in you pool. Untap the lands to bounce the Palinchron back to your hand. You have 3 mana in your pool and keep doing it until you have as much mana in your pool as there life and fireball them.
-Reins of Power+Teferi's Veil=Have the Veil out. Cast the Reins, then attack. At the end of your turn you get your creatures back but your opponent doesn't. Then when the creatures phase back in you get them.
-Entropic Specter+Prosperity=You & your opponent draw alot of card with the Prosperity and your Specter becomes huge.
-Breeding Pit+Lord of the Pit=A large creature with an easily handled drawback.
-Sliver Queen+Asnod's Alter+Heart Stone=Heart Stone decreases cost of creature abilities by one, thus Sliver Queen produces sliver tokens for 1. Create one sliver token. Sac it to the alter, creating 2 mana. Use the mana to crate 2 more tokens, again sacrificing them to the alter. Continue this process creating an infinite sliver-infinite mana combo. Throw in a Coat of Arms for spite.
-Sacred Mesa+Earthcraft+Plains with a Wild Growth on it=Produce a million Pegasuses. Again you can throw in a Coat of Arms for fun.
-Death pits of rath+Krovikan vampire+Hermetic study=Play Death pits, play the vamp, play the study on the vamp, tap the vamp to kill & take control of any creature.


-Verdant Force+Soul Warden= Soul Warden adds one life for every creature put into play. Force put a 1/1 Saproling into play during each upkeep (opponents upkeeps too!). Warden is also effective with a Serpent Generator, Hornet Cannon, Snake Basket, or anything that creates creatures, such as a Sengir Autocrat.
-Lifeline + Radiant Dragoons= Have the lifeline in play, then cast the Dragoons. Don't pay echo and they return into play making you gain 5 life each time.


-Eradicate + Verdant Touch = Animate the opponent's land with Verdant Touch. Then Eradicate it. Hope they have some other form of mana left in the deck!
-Personal Incarnation + Mystic Veil + Worship + No Mercy= If you're opponent tries to attack you, you can block with the Personal Incarnation, prevent the damage with Worship, and kill the creature they attack with. You and your Incarnation are almost invincible!
-Opposition + Horseshoe Crab= Play an opposition, then continuosly retap your Horseshoe to tap as many of their permanants as you. have mana.

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