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Here are some of my favorite Sony Playstation midi's! As this site is constructed, many more midi's will be availible to download, but for now, i hope you enjoy these songs from Final Fantasy VII.

I have not put up all of the midi's i own, just my favorite ones. I feel that I have pretty good taste in video game music, however, i've been told differently before, so if there is a midi you would like to see on my page that is not, feel free to email me at I may, or may not be able to help you out. Enjoy!

You are listening to shinra.mid from FF VII.

Final Fantasy VII
Title Size Time Type
Aeries Theme 114kb 19:57 Sad, mellow
Ancient Forest 39kb 5:14 mystical
Ancients 15kb 3:36 powerful, mystical
Barett Theme 13kb 3:12 cheerful
Chase 67kb 3:12 fast, techno
Costa Del Sol 11kb 1:07 cheerful, tropical
Escape 54kb 2:13 suspense, techno
Airship 43kb 3:19 adventurous, airy
World 18kb 6:03 slow, mellow
Gentle Heart 7kb 2:44 SAD
Jenova 40kb 2:14 fast, mystical
FF Theme 8kb 2:36 mystical, mellow
Tifa Theme 39kb 5:14 sad, mellow
Dark Angel 56kb 4:08 dark, symphonic
Jenova Absolute 53kb 3:39 fast, wierd
SephirothBase ??kb 1:30 sad, mellow
Great Warrior 19kb 3:08 sad, slow
Shinra Building 12kb 3:20 slow, eerie
Temple Of The Ancients ??kb 1:45 eerie, symphonic
Cid's Theme ??kb 2:48 heroic?