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Hello and welcome to my Nintendo midi page. This is the second version of this page. Please be patient while it is being worked on. At no time will any of the links to the songs be disabled, but at some point the page may look a bit odd. Feel free to send in your suggestions by emailing me at Enjoy :)
midi titletimesizetyperating out of
You are listening to Stage 2
of Blaster Master
Ending Song time18kbtype
Introduction Song time2kbtype
Stage 1 time34kbtype
Stage 2 time??kbtype
Stage 3 time25kbtype
Stage 4 time11kbtype
Stage 5 time13kbtype
Stage 6 time30kbtype
Stage 8 time30kbtype
Blaster Master has some of the best tunes you will ever come across on an NES cart. The music is full of great techno beats that really get your pulse going. A couple of my favs from this game are Stage 5 and Stage 6. Stage five is a really uplifting song with a fast paced tempo and some good techno instruments. Stage 6 is another fast paced techno trip that is not uplifting, rather......tense.
The music of Simon's Quest is truly some of the most heart pounding and intese of all time. In the tradition of Castlevania games, this soundtrack is of the highest quality and really sounds great on a nice soundcard. Those of you who have played this game will remember the way that the music draws you into the game and you become a part of it. From the eerie nightmare melodies, to the haunted mansions, the music of Simon's Quest is an experience in itself. Truly worthy of its CastleVania heritage!
CastleVania II: Simon's Quest
Dracual's Castle time5kbtype
Eerie time2kbtype
Daylight battle time18kbtype
Haunted Mansion time10kbtype
Night Battle time13kbtype
Password Screen time3kbtype
Town time20kbtype
CastleVania IV
Final Stage time27kbtype
Dracula IV time17kbtype
Vania 4-1 time10kbtype
Yet another masterpiece from the series, Super Castlevania took the music to the next level with the help of the superior SNES sound chip. These few songs here are some of my personal favorites. I really can't say enough about the music of CV.
Gradius is well known for its atmospheric soundtrack. Here are a few of my personal favorites from the SNES version. You may also notice that these songs are the bgm's of several of my pages, they are that good.
Gradius III
Crystal Labrynthtime164kbtype
grad3dfs.mid time33kbtype
Mecha Base time46kbtype
Kid Icarus
Kid Icarus Theme time8kbtype
Under World time17kbtype
Dungeon time8kbtype
Dungeon Remix time5kbtype
Over World time13kbtype
Cloud World time5kbtype
Kid Icarus was one of the first games for the NES. Along with Metroid, this game took the player into new fantastic worlds like no games before it could. The music in this game is can i put this....upity? Well anyway, hear it for yourself, you'll be in a better mood ;) I love the Cloud world music!
Ahhh Metroid. What can i say about this game? This is my all time favorite. I have never played a more enthralling, deep, demanding, and downright COOL game in all my years of play. The music of this game is great, and those who have played before will instantly recognize the eerie and intese tunes that followed them through their journey. However, those who are new to the game will also enjoy its music. This is truly one of a kind, a pearl in a sea of.....well you get the picture!
Beginning time1kbtype
Brinstar time7kbtype
Final Battle time26kbtype
Introduction time5kbtype
Title Screen time13kbtype
Tourain time4kbtype
Norfair time3kbtype
Meet Samus time30kbtype
Found Item time30kbtype
Mother Brain time30kbtype
Ninja Gaiden
Stage 1-1 time16kbtype
Stage 2-1 time18kbtype
Stage 2-2 time16kbtype
Stage 3-1 time11kbtype
Stage 3-2 time13kbtype
Stage 4-2 time18kbtype
Stage 4-3 time7kbtype
Stage 5-3 time16kbtype
Death time4kbtype
Devil time11kbtype
Father time3kbtype
Foster time16kbtype
Ninja gaiden is perhaps my favorite nintendo game for music. It easily has the most gutwrenching, dramatic music of any game i have ever heard. This game had quite a story line, unrivaled in any platform game, and it had the music to back it up! I can't really describe it in words, so listen to some of it, you won't regret it!
The drama and intensity is continued in the sequel Ninja Gaiden II. If you liked the music from one, then you'll love this stuff! All of the songs here are great!
Ninja Gaiden II
Stage 1-1 time8kbtype
Stage 2-2 time14kbtype
Stage 3-1time12kbtype
Darkness time8kbtype
Title Screen time6kbtype
Stage 1 time3kbtype
Stage 2 time6kbtype
Stage 2 remix time9kbtype
Stage 3 time3kbtype
Rygar was one of those wonderful adventure games that had you chasing dragons and demons across vast landscapes and through treacherous caverns. The music that accompanied this adventure was some of the best for its time, and for those who played it, i present some great memories to you through song.
Absolutely one of the best RPG's ever by Square. And of course it features square's renowned music compositions. SOM is my favorite action RPG ever, i even like it better than the almighty zelda! Why you ask? The story, the characters, the action, and most of all, the MUSIC! I wish i had more tracks from this great game, but until i find them, i hope these will satisfy you :)
Secret Of Mana
Pureland time6kbtype
Flying time12kbtype
Darklich time24kbtype
Field time30kbtype
Fortress time11kbtype
Theme Song time5kbtype
Super Metroid
Upper Brinstartime9kbtype
Lower Brinstartime23kbtype
Intro Musictime5kbtype
Secret Areatime4kbtype
Never have i been so intrigued with the music of a game. I found that above the incredible graphics and gameplay, the music is what kept calling me back to the tunnels and caverns of super metroid. Listen to it, you will feel it too....hehe ;)