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RTP List of Linked Sites

This page was made in order to provide the addresses of the sites as well as the links. I have noticed that even with the convienience of the nav frame, it doesn't allow the user to view the address. So here is this page to solve this problem. If anyone has a banner (somewhat small preferably ;) that they would like to have included next to their link, please feel free to send it to me at

Robotech Fan Pages

The Big Robotech Page

UN Spacy HQ

The Robotech Technical Files

Robotech Legacy

Norman's Robotech Page

Peter Fagan's Robotech Page

Skull Leader's Page

Fox's Robotech Page

THE Robotech Page

Chad Stanek's Robotech Page

Zentradi Homepage

Montreal's Robotech Page

Kyron's Domain

The Destroid Page

Progressive Robotech

Pure Robotech

Rick Hunter's Page

Robotech Center

The Disciples of Zor

Robotech Generations

Robotech Refuge

Heather Aubrey's Page

VF-1S Veritech's Anime Integrity Site

Robotech RPG Information and Fan Sites

Palladium Books

The Third Invid War

Robotech 2100 the RPG

Rick's Mecha Madness

The Hellcat Squadroom

Matthew Merrell's Robotech Page

REF Rifts Earth Division

Rouge Squadron

Fan Fiction Pages

Robotech Evolution: Fanfiction

"Attention on Deck" Fanfiction

Robotech Development Group

The Fan Fiction FTP

New Fan Sites Under Construction

DeepChild's World

Leon's Robotech Page

Kyle Bartley's Page

Darrkon's Robotech Page

All Robotech

Levi's Robotech Page

VT and Powerful's page

Misc. Robotech Sites

The Jack McKinney Robotech Books

Comments by Carl Macek

Robotech Continuity by: Bryant Shiu

Additional Robotech Site Archives

Yellowstone RDF Base

Robotech Sites Archive