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Hi, and welcome to the voting page. Please just fill out the following form and submit it when you are done. You only have to fill in the questions you wish to answer, I will not be posting anyone's name or email address on my page, so feel free to enter them without risk. Thank you for taking the time to help me help others to enjoy one of the greatest epic sagas ever: ROBOTECH. Note: If you wish to contact me personally, feel free to email me at

First Name:
Last Name:
1.Which of the three Robotech series is your favorite?(Macross, Southern Cross, New Generation):
2.Who is your favorite male character?:
3.Who is your favorite female character?:
4.Who is your favorite pilot?:
5.If you could take any mech into a battle, which would it be?(remember, it can be any mech, from any race):
6.Which of the three alien races (Zentradi, Robotech Masters, Invid) is your favorite?:
7.Who is better for Rick: Lisa, or Minmei?: