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(This timeline is a compromise between the TV series, the novels, and the RPG. Making it as accurate as possible.)

Aeon Lanack.

Fantoma System.

1171. Zor is born on Tirol

1256- 1490 A.L. Quadrant exploration by the Tiresian technovoyager ship Azstraph-- the "Venture."

1520 A.L. The Azstraph enters the Tzuptum system and inserts itself into orbit around Optera. Zor encounters the Flower of Life, makes contact with the Invid, and seduces the secrets of the Flower from the Queen Mother, the Regis.

1697 A.L. The Azstraph returns to Tirol. Zor begins to experiment with the Flower specimens he has brought with him from Optera.

1755-1836 A.L. Zor conjures Protoculture from the Flower and eventually falls victim to the Compulsion placed upon him by the Tiresian Council of Elders. Origin of the Cult of the Three-in-One and ascendancy of the Robotech Masters. Fall of the Royal Hall, as the period known as the Great Transition commences.

1920 A.L. -16 Aeon "Robotech" Development of the spacefold drive. Creation of Tirol's clone population and neural reprogramming of the Zentreadi miner giants.

88 A.R. Defoliation of Optera by the Zentraedi.

157-500 A.R. Consolidation of the empire of the Robotech Masters. The Invid, after a burst of monocellular reproduction, declare war on the Robotech Masters.

566 A.R. Zor's voyages deliver him to Haydon IV, where he has a profound encounter with the planetoid's artificial sentience, the Awareness. Zor designs and builds the starship that will come to be called SDF-I, and backed by a group of loyal Zentraedi begins his "quiet rebellion" against the Masters Zentraedi commander in chief Dolza forms an uneasy alliance with Zor, who has by now become hopelessly addicted to the dried leaves of the Flower.

580-640 A.R. Zor's clandestine seeding attempts take him to Peryton, Karbarra, Praxis, Garuda, and Spheris.

671 A.R. Zor steals the single existent Protoculture matrix from Tiresia and conceals it within the spacefold drives of the SDF-I. The fortress, with its skeleton crew of loyal Zentraedi, is folded from Tirol's corner of the galaxy.

Sol System

June 1995 The international scientific community launches a space station known as "The New Frontier" - it is designed as a message of international peace and understanding. However, forces in various governments see this space station as a perfect tactical weapon base. Disputes over ownership of this space station hurls the citizens of the Earth into a global war.

August 1995 - July 1999 The world is locked in global civil war until, A massive meteor falls on Macross Island, an uninhabited isle in the South Pacific. The initial investigation by the U.S.A. reveals it to be a giant, lifeless spaceship of extraterrestrial origin. The alien spaceship is kept secret from the public. An emergency summit meeting takes place to discuss the situation.

August 1999 A temporary cease-fire is called and the countries of the earth form a Unified Earth Government to deal with the more serious threat of a potential invasion from outer space.

September 1999 The suspicions of the august body of experts sent to investigate the crash sire are verified. A top secret blanket is thrown over the "Macross Island Dossier."

October 1999 The realization of an alien invader has a sobering effect on the world's leaders. The first, total cease-fire in years is enacted while these world leaders continue to discuss this new, potential threat.

December 1999 Scientist urge the United Earth Government to study the technology and energy systems found in the alien spacecraft. Thus, the group, later to be known as Robotech Research Center, was organized under the supervision of Dr. Emile Lang. A military command, later to be known as the Robotech Defense Force, was also organized. Various factions of the opposing armies were interested in getting the secrets and weapons which were rumored to be still intact on the alien battle fortress. The cease-fire is tenuous with various flare ups occurring on an infrequent basis. The alien spacecraft is given a code name of SDF-I. Shortly after the previous report, plans are made to unify the nations of the world to prepare for hostile invaders.

March 2000 A special investigation task force of international scientists, headed by Doctor Emile Lang, are officially assigned to analyze the SDF-I. Operations are funded by Japan, the U.S.A., Britain, France, Germany, and Russia, pending the creation of a world government.

April 2000 World peace is eventually realized following the disclosure of the wonders of a new alien technology which would radically affect the standards of living of all on the earth... it is a technology which is promised to be shared to all - once its secrets are unraveled.

May 2000 Secret plans are begun for "anti-giant" weapons . . . the plan is to modify existing weapon systems utilizing the technology found in this alien ship dubbed the SDF-I.

June 2000 An international announcement to the people of Earth makes public the existence and frightening dangers of the SDF-I. The same broadcast announces the plans for a United Earth Government to work together in combating this other-worldly threat. Reactions to the two announcements are strong, invoking riots and anti-unification conflicts the world aver. However, the riots are short lived.

July 2000 Global unification seems inevitable. Most anti-unification hostility has eased down. The construction of a Military Moon Base is proposed and accepted.

January 2001 The one United Earth Government becomes a reality. Surprisingly, there is little anti-unification dissension.

February 2001 Restoration of the SDF-I begins.

March 2001 Construction of Military Moon Base begins.

April 2001 A new, tougher, lighter building alloy is developed by the SDF research team.

July 2001 Outfitment of Mars Base Sara for military purposes and early warning in case of hostile arrival of alien forces approved.

August 2001 A special task force is created to develop and exploit the new "Robotechnology." Doctor Emile Lang is again chosen to head this research and development organization.

September 2001 The task force to develop Robotechnology becomes part of the new global defense network. This defense force's designation is the Robotech Defense Force or R.D.F.

October 2001 Technological discoveries and advancements are happening at an increasingly rapid pace. The Destroid defense mecha system begins experimental operations.

February 2002 Concepts for a convertible, giant robot fighter begin development.

March 2002 Theory of the Grand Cannon is complete.

May 2002 Construction of the Grand Cannon Defense System begins at the new site of the United Earth World Security Headquarters in Alaska. Note: This operation is separate from the R.D.F.

Fantoma System 674 A.R. Cabell "creates" Rem by cloning tissue from Zor. The Masters, too, have their way with Zor's body, cloning tissue for their own purposes and extracting from the scientist's residual cellular memories a vision of Earth-destination of the fortress and the Protoculture matrix he has stolen and spirited from their grasp.

April 2003 Construction of the A.R.M.D. series of combat space platforms begins.

November 2003 Incorporation of Robotechnology into weapon systems is a theoretical success. The full application of the power system and the logic of its complex bio-mechanical origins still remain a mystery.

January 2004 Moon base is operational. Construction continues.

July 2004 Proposal to construct a second and third Grand Cannon is the South American and Australia Sectors respectively.

September 2004 Startling discovery of a symbiotic link instilled between operator and machine when the new, Robotech (protoculture) energy source is used.

October 2004 Construction of the South American Sector Grand Cannon begins.

August 2005 The first A.R.M.D. space platform enters service. A complete success, immediate production of four, additional A.R.M.D.s is begun. New, Robotech weapon systems are introduced and incorporated into the A.R.M.D.s as they are developed.

March 2006 Giant-sized, aircraft carrier, CVS-101 Promethius, enters service

June 2006 Development of Destroid weapon systems enters its final stage.

January 2007 A training center for the crew of the SDF-I opens on Macross Island.

February 2007 Test flights of the Veritech, Convertible fighter prototype. VFX-I, begin in secret.

May 2007 Mass production of Destroid series begins.

October 2007 Production of a dozen, additional, submersible warships begins.

November 2007 Final decision to use the Veritech Fighters is made. Mass production begins.

July 2008 Mars Base completes full outfittment for possible alien invasion.

November 2008 Second A.R.M.D. enters service.

June 2009 Complement of Destroids are placed on the SDF-1 in preparation for her maiden flight. Third A.R.M.D. enters service.

July 2009 The ceremonial christening of the SDF-I on Macross Island. Ceremonies were to include the first public demonstration of the Destroids and Veritech Fighters. Ironically, this infamous day marks the arrival of the Zentraedi, and the beginning of the first Robotech War. After a brief battle with Zentraedi forces in Earth orbit and on Macross Island the SDF-I fires off into space and takes a large chunk of the Pacific Ocean (including Macross Island) with it into deep space. SDF-I arrives in orbit of Pluto after its miss calculated Fold Jump to the far side of the moon. The Fold system mysteriously disappears from the ships holds stranding the SDF-I on the other side of the solar system. The Zentraedi main fleet divides its forces- some pursue the SDF-I into deep space . . . While the second deployment destroy the inhabitants of Mars Base Sara on their way to rendezvous with their main fleet.

October 2009 The fourth A.R.M.D. enters service.

January 2010 The fifth A.R.M.D. enters service. SDF-I makes first space contact with Zentraedi ships someplace between Neptune and Jupiter. It is hear that the Dr. Emile Lang finds that a Modular Transformation is necessary to fire the Main Gun. This Transformation results in the ravaging of Macross City during the procedure.

March 2010 SDF-1 engages Zentraedi forces in the rings of Saturn. The experimental Pinpoint barrier is used to defend the ship. Unfortunately the barrier interferes with the firing of the Main Gun. A brilliant tactical move is made by First officer Commander Lisa Hayes. By directing all of the power of the pinpoint barrier to the bow of the Daedalus and ramming it into the Zentraedi ship a large volley of missiles is released thus destroying the ship.

January 2011 SDF-1 arrives at Mars. The ship lands and takes on supplies. The ship is almost captured by a Zentraedi attack force. Sara base is destroyed to remove the grip of the gravity mines under the surface.

February 2011 SDF-1 picks its way through an artificially created asteroid belt which incidentally was a Zentraedi trap During the incident the long range radar is knocked out. Vermilion squadron is deployed to survey the area. The team is captured and is presumed dead. Three months later the team is picked and the first contact with female Zentraedi fighters.

April 2011 The SDF-1 returns to Earth, landing in the Pacific ocean. Captain Gloval accompanied by Commander Hayes report to the United Earth Defense Council in Alaska. The U.E.D.C. ignores the report by Gloval and Hayes. The next day Lt. Commander Roy Fokker, leader of the famous Skull Squadron dies from a Zentraedi attack.

May 2011 The Grand Cannon becomes fully operable. Appealing for the offloading of the 70,000 inhabitants of Macross City The SDF-1 is attacked by Khyron the Zentraedi Warlord over the city of Toronto in the Ontario quadrant. The new Omni directional barrier designed to encompass the entire ship is overloaded by the advancing Zentraedi ships. The resulting explosion destroyed the surface to a radius of 25 miles and Sergeant Benjamin Dixon Third in command of the Skull Squadron is killed.

June 2011 SDF-1 Resupplies its stores and leaves Earth in an attempt to buy the R.D.F. more time to develop the Earth's weapon systems to defend against the Zentraedi threat.

July 2011 First interracial marriage between Zentraedi and human is made when Lt. Maximillian Sterling, Second in command of Skull Squadron falls in love with Zentraedi Ace pilot Miriya Porino.

Early August 2011 A cease fire is called between Commander Breetai's Zentraedi fleet and the SDF-I. The R.D.F. is alerted of the coming of Dolza's armada.

Late August 2011 The arrival of the Zentraedi main fleet which consisted of 4,800,000 Battle ready warships. The attack destroys 70% of the Earth's surface. The combined forces of the SDF-I and Breetai's fleet succeed in defeating Dolza but the SDF-I Battle worn and exhausted of almost all fuel managed a shaky landing near Montana in North America.

Fantoma System 683 A.R. The Robotech Masters lose communication with Dolza's armada and detected a large energy surge. Analyzing this as the destruction of Dolza's armada the Masters, (Who's supply of Protoculture is dangerously low.) begin a 20 year journey to Earth to retrieve the Protoculture Matrix themselves.

April 2013 Global reconstruction is underway. New cities and towns begin to grow as the Earth begins to replenish itself. The tropical and subtropical terrain's are the first to grow back to full capacity. It is in these jungles and rain forests that many of the Zentraedi rebels and Malcontents have taken refuge. Khyron's and Azonia's combined forces, in the South American Sector, are by far the largest, most organized and hostile of the Malcontent forces.

June 2013 With the assistance of Breetai and Exedore the R.D.F. capture and bring to Earth, a Robotech Factory Satellite. The production of several, new, submersible vessels, like the Prometheus and the Daedalus begins.

September 2013 Khyron leads a small attack force against New Detroit. A Protoculture chamber is stolen. The Zentraedi grow increasingly hostile. Many join Khyron is South America.

December 2013 Khyron attacks New Macross city on Christmas Eve in a successful attempt to capture a supply of Protoculture.

Late December 2013 Shortly after his successful raid on New Macross Khyron decides to destroy the SDF-I while on route to leave Earth and rejoin the Robotech Masters. During the assault Khyron's ship is severely damaged. He locks the navigation computer and rams both SDF's- I and 2. Among the casualties were Admiral Henry T. Gloval, Commander Claudia Grant, and Lieutenant's Kim Young, Sammie Porter, and Vanessa Leeds. The survivors of the tragedy continue to rebuild.

February 2014 The threat of unknown radiation from the alien ship commanded by Khyron and the unsalvaged remains of the two SDF class ships, forces the site of the final battle to be declared off limits. Limited resources forced the majority of Khyron and Azonia's Zentraedi army to remain behind in the South American Sector when their leaders made their deadly, last assault. Leaderless, the Zentraedi army has splintered into hundreds of tiny factions. Fighting between these factions is heavy, new leaders fight their way to dominance. Violence in and around the South American Sector is at its worst.

March 2014 The sight of New Macross is declared a historic landmark.

July 2014 The United Earth Government reemerges. Several nations, including the E.B.S.I.S., claim autonomy and refuse to join the U.E.G. Zentraedi internal conflicts have subsided as new leaders take control. However, organized Zentraedi assaults on human cities and outposts have increased dramatically. The South American Sector is clearly the source of most of these acts of aggression.

August 2014 Max and Miriya Sterling are given command of the R.D.F. in the South American Sector. It is their job to contain the Zentraedi. The perimeters of the Zentraedi Control Zone are defined.

October 2014 The Argentine Quadrant is established as an international buffer zone to help combat the Zentraedi.

December 2014 Skull Squadron Commanded by Captain Maximillian Sterling recaptures the unfinished, South American Grand Cannon from the Malcontent group "Khyron's Fist" in a decisive battle. Construction begins to turn the site of the incomplete Grand Cannon into the R.D.F. military headquarters in the sector.

February 2015 The Army of the Southern Cross is formally established. The United Earth Government is moved to Monument city. The city becomes the unofficial capital of Earth.

March 2015 After the tedious task of salvaging the SDF's-I and 2 Construction of the SDF-3 begins onboard the Robotech Factory Satellite orbiting Earth.

May 2015 The Zentraedi Malcontent groups increase in hostility. They declare the Arkansas Protectorate an independent nation.

June 2015 - 2018 Battles take place between the Zentraedi Malcontents and the R.D.F. The Zentraedi are eventually put down and peace returns to the Earth.

Fantoma System 689 A.R. The Invid Regent completes his conquest of the Fantoma System and lays waste to Tirol in hopes of finding the Flower of life and destroying the Robotech Masters. Invid power currently controls Fantoma, Karbarra, Praxis, Garuda, Haydon IV, Spheris, and Peryton.

2020- Construction of the SDF-3 is complete. Mecha compliment and other weapon systems are loaded on board. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes are wed aboard the factory satellite. Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant are put under the care of General Rolf Emerson and his wife Laura. The SDF-3 launches on schedule unfortunately Lynn Minmei and Janice Em are caught in the space fold.

696 A.R. - 2025 Sickened by the Regent's blood lust, the Regis leaves Optera for Praxis to carry on her Genesis Pit experiments. The Robotech Expeditionary Force arrives in Fantomaspace and engages the Invid; the fortress's spacefold generators are damaged. (The R.E.F. is unaware the fold has taken five Earth-years and believes the date to be 2020.) T.R. Edwards and his Ghost Squadron capture the living computer the Regent has left behind in Tiresia's Royal Hall. Tiresians Cabell and Rem inform the Plenipotentiary Council that the Robotech Masters are on their way to Earth. The Zentraedi contingent of the R.E.F. agree to be returned to full size so that they con mine Fantoma for monopole ore to fuel a new fleet of warships. The Sentinels ship Farrago approaches SDF-3 seeking assistance in battling the Invid and liberating the worlds of the Valivare system. The Hunters, Grants, Sterlings, and others join the Sentinels campaign to destroy the Invid and leave Fantomaspace on the Farrgo. On Earth, Senator Wyatt "Patty" Moran and the apparent of the Army of the Southern Cross consolidate their power and take control of the Supreme Council. Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant grow up under the care of the Emersons.

2026 - Karbarra is liberated. Tesla and Burak the Perytonian form a curious partnership. The Farrago is destroyed when it folds into orbit of Praxis. The G.M.U (Ground Mobile Unit.) Survives entry of Praxis' atmosphere and is stranded on the surface shortly after the Regis left for Haydon IV. T.R. Edwards holds secret talks with the Regent and begins a personal campaign to capture Lynn-Minmei. Colonel Jonathan Wolf, Lieutenant Janice Em, Haydonite Sarna, Burak, and the Invid scientist Tesla return to Tirol. Tesla murders the simulagent of the Regent thinking it to be the real Regent. T.R. Edwards begins to hold sway over the R.E.F.'s Plenipotentiary Council. Colonel Wolff is accused of murder and piracy. Control of the Fantoma mining operations passes to Edwards. Wolff, Janice, Sarna, Burak, and Tesla steal the new prototype cruiser and lead a rescue mission to Praxis. Baldan the Spherisan dies and Praxis explodes. Teal begins to "shape" Baldan II from his crystal. Garuda is liberated, Rick and Lisa Hunter, Rem, and Karen Penn suffer the nearly fatal effects of the planets atmosphere. The Zentreadi leave Tirol orbit with the monople ore needed for the fleet's ships.

2027 - The Sentinels arrive on Haydon IV shortly after the Regis's departure and "surrender" themselves to the occupying Invid Troops. Rem learns that he is actually a clone of Zor. Janice Em reveals herself to be an android. Sarna is killed during the battle for the planet. The enigmatic Haydon becomes a source of interest to Lang and others. A prototype ship under the command of Major Carpenter leaves Tirol for Earth. Edwards loses his grip on the Council after troops sent out to hunt down the Zentraedi side with them instead. Wolff, Breetai, and Grant return to Tirol and clear the Sentinels of all charges. Haydon IV and spheris are liberated. Tesla leaves the Ark Angel for Optera to have it out with the Regent. Aurora is born to Miriya Sterling on Haydon IV. Edwards and the Ghost Squadron leave for Optera taking with them Lynn-Minmei and the awakened Invid living computer. Colonel Wolff gives pursuit but must stop short. The missing and supposedly dead Lynn-Kyle dies. Jonathan Wolff leaves for Earth to check up on Carpenter.

2028- Edwards arrives in orbit of Optera chases off Tesla's attack fleet. The Zentraedi fleet arrive in orbit of Optera and commence an attack. Commander Breetai commits suicide to kill the Invid Regent. Exedore arrives on Haydon IV with the Council's peace proposal for the Regent. The Sentinels make their move against Peryton. Tesla and Burak sacrifice their lives to end the planet's curse. The Ark Angel folds for Optera and engage the Invid. General Thomas Riley Edwards, Arla-non the leader of the Praxin people, Teal the Spherisan, and Lieutenant Janice Em die.

2029- Dr. Lang makes a series of shattering discoveries about the spacefold generators his teams have used in Carpenter and Wolff's ships. Exedore makes a startling discovery involving Zor and the historical Haydon. The battered Ark Angel begins a slow return to Tirol. Breetai's son Drannian, is born to the Zentraedi Kazianna Hesh.

2030- Roy Hunter is born in Tiresia. The R.E.F. and Karbarrans begin work on the main fleet ships. Lang's Robotech teams perfect an integrated system of body armor and reconfigurable cycles known as Cyclones.

2031- Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant graduate from the Academy, and are assigned to the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps, which includes Corporal Sean Phillips, Sergeant Angelo Dante, and Private Louis Nichols. The Robotech Masters after a 20 year journey arrive in Earthspace, and the Second Robotech War begins. Major Carpenter's ship returns from Tirol and is destroyed. Zor Prime is introduced into the 15th A.T.A.C. as a spy for the Robotech Masters.

2032- The End of the Second Robotech War. Zor Prime's attempt at destroying the Masters' flagship results in the loosing of the Flower of Life from the Protoculture matrix concealed within the spacefold drives of the buried SDF-I; spores cover the planet, and the Flower takes root, alerting the Regis's sensor nebula. The Invid "disappear" from Tirol's corner of the galaxy. It is assumed that the Regis has begun her move against Earth. The Mars attack wing leaves Tirol for Earth about this same time Lazlo Zand dies. Colonel Jonathan Wolff's ship returns to Earth. An anti-Invid underground is established before the Regis arrives. Dana Sterling commandeers Wolff's ship after the drives are retrofitted with a device perfected by former 15th A.T.A.C. whiz kid Louie Nichols. Optera is fully seeded with the Flowers of Life and given over to the homeless Praxians, who rename the planet New Praxis. The Flowers become the crop for a new Protoculture matrix created by Rem, who has managed to tap some of his progenitor's-Zor's-memories. Max, Miriya, and Aurora Sterling arrive on Tirol from Haydon IV.

2033- The Invid Regis arrives on Earth. Her newly hatched army of soldiers and mecha destroys the depleted remains of Earth's defenses. Hives and farms are set up worldwide, and some Terran captives are forced to work in labor camps, harvesting Flowers and processing nutrient for use in the Regis's terror weapons and battlecraft. Dana Sterling, Bowie Grant, Sean Phillips, Angelo Dante, Musica, Allegra, and many of the Masters clone population arrive at Tirol. The Shadow Fighters and neutron "S" missiles are developed by the R.E.F. for use in the assault against Earth. Nearly instantaneous spacefold becomes a reality for the main-fleet ships.

2034- Arrival and defeat of the Mars Attack Group sent by the R.E.F. Commander Scott Bernard and his ragtag band of freedom fighters- Rook Bartley, Rand O'Keefe, Yellow Lancer, William "Lunk" Benovich, and Annie Labelle- begin a journey toward the Regis's central hive complex, known as Reflex Point. Marlene, Sera, and Corg are birthed by the Regis.

2035- The Jupiter attack wing arrives in Earthspace. Photojournalist Sue Graham dies on Earth during an Invid raid. The R.E.F. main fleet is folded for Earth. The Regis and her children take leave of the planet in the form of a phoenix of mindstuff, annihilating nearly 3/4 of the Returning R.E.F. ships in the process. and ending the Third Robotech War. On Haydon IV, Veidt and Exedore are present at the reawakening of the planet's artificial sentience, the Awareness. (Max and his family are also on-planet. Cabell is on Tirol.) The SDF-3 fails to emerge from spacefold in Earthspace. The Ark Angel begins a search for the missing battle fortress.

2040- The SDF-3 escapes from New Space. Among the casualties are Dr. Emile Lang, Rem, and Lynn Minmei. Earth's defense fleet is rebuilt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send all questons or comments to Mark Dutkiewicz (