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(03/02/2001)-Well it sure has been awhile since I updated the page. Unfortunately my free time is scarce and I haven't had much to work with for a long time. But recently a huge development in the world of robotech has come about in the form of the official website. Harmony Gold has finally given the robotech series the attention it deserves and has put up a great site with all kinds of information, pictures, sound clips, etc. They are still putting most of the content up and it is being updated rapidly. Most exciting of all, however, is the new robotech online store that has just begun preorders for robotech DVD's! The first will be titled First Contact and features the first six episodes of the macross saga. Check out the new!

(07/26/1999)-Boy, I can't believe it's been almost a year since i have updated this page. The voting panel should be up to date as of now. I am going to try and work on the character pages before school starts back up soon. Thanks for visiting this site, it's good to know that there are Robotech fans out there.

(08/18/1998)-I just got finished reading what i consider to be the greatest depiction of the first Robotech none. "Attention On Deck" is a fanfiction written in a first person account of what happened. It is absoultely breath-taking. I simply cannot recommend reading this enough. The entire novel is on the web, broken up into parts and chapters. Do yourself a favor, READ IT!!! AOD primary site

Great news for Robotech fans: Robocon 99 is coming next year in all its glory! This is a robotech conference that will be attended by several of the actual voice actors including Rick and Minmei, as well as Mr. Macek himself, and many others responsible for the robotech phenomenon. Check out the Robocon webpage.

In other news: Well my second version of my page is up now, and i finally added a picture gallery. You will need a frames capable browser to view my gallery though. I have put up lots of pics, and they are really high quality. Also i have recieved my first award! Thanx to Daniel of the Big Robotech Page for giving me his approval and his award. His site has also undergone a massive update with an all new layout and arrangement. Check it out! Keep checking my site for more updates, i do more with my site than i put in my news column. Thanx again for vising :)