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Hello and welcome to my Robotech page! This page is dedicated to what I feel is the greatest epic saga ever created. This is the second version of this page, and while it is still being worked on, it is almost finished. Everything can be found that was in the old version, the whole thing is just getting a MUCH needed facelift. This page represents my attempt as a fan to contribute to the popularity of the series, and create a site that shows what Robotech is all about. I hope you enjoy what you find here, and that it enhances your knowledge and enjoyment of this fine animated saga.

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Category1st Placevotes2nd Placevotes3rd Placevotes4thvotes
Favorite Series: Macross45 Southern Cross12 New Generation11
Favorite Male Character: Rick Hunter20 Max Sterling18 Roy Fokker9 Scott Bernard2
Favorite Female Character: Miriya Sterling20 Lisa Hayes19 Lynn Minmei7 Dana Sterling3
Favorite Pilot: Max Sterling35 Rick Hunter14 Miriya Sterling6 Scott Bernard5
Favorite Alien Race: Invid25 Zentradi23 Robotech Masters10
Best woman for Rick: Lisa Hayes35 Lynn Minmei8
Favorite Mech
First PlaceSuper Valkyrie30
Second PlaceAlpha Fighter21
Third PlaceZentradi Female Power Armor13
Fifth PlaceGlaug Officer's Pod4
Fourth PlaceVF-17D Nightmare1
Sixth PlaceInvid Storm Trooper1
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Also, if you don't already have it, download the New Complete Robotech font, it includes numbers and some special characters!
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