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Rick Hunter

Rick is perhaps the most noble character in the entire Robotech series, his intentions are always good, and he is never malicious toward others. He truly loves his friends and has equally strong, if perhaps different, feelings for both Minmei and for Lisa. However, he is often confused about his own feelings toward his friends, and even more so about their feelings toward him. Throughout the course of the story, Rick grows into the hero that he always felt he couldn't become. He is a brave and caring leader, an ace in the cockpit, and a loving husband to Lisa Hayes.

Flying Skill/Styleace, showy, brilliant, assertive
Mecha of ChoiceSuper Valkyrie
LikesLisa, Minmei, Flying, Flying, peace, Love, Flying
DislikesKilling, Lynn Kyle, Lonliness :(
Famous Lines"Its a pity that so much time was wasted between us isn't it?".....ouch
"At least you'll never be alone"




Rick Blasting

Face Shot

Side View Launch

Title Screen VT