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Miriya Sterling

Miriya Parina Sterling is one of the finest combat pilots in the universe (second only to the legendary Max Sterling) and certainly the best the Zentraedi have to offer. Due to her stunning beauty, she turns more heads than she knows, including that of Max himself. After several attempts to try and end his life, Miriya finally falls in love with Max, and the two form the first union between a Human and Zentraedi. She grows to love max, and develops strong human emotions and bonds strong friendships with several of her new comrades. Miriya defines grace and ferocity in and out of the cockpit. She is a fine leader, a brilliant pilot, and a loyal wife and friend.

Flying Skill/Stylesuper ace/ aggressive, deadly, brutal (ie. angel of death)
Mecha of ChoiceQueadlunn-Rau Powered Armor or Super Valkyrie
Likes:Max, Love, Combat, Victory, Challenge, Dana
Dislikes:Kyron, Defeat, Unworthy Opponents
Famous Lines:"I am the greatest combat pilot of all the Zentraedi forces."
" Ahh there he you DIE!"

In resizing chamber

Targeting Max

In her red vt suit


Miriya's Power Armor
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