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Lynn Minmei

Minmei is perhaps the most misunderstood and underappreciated character in all of Macross. While it is true that she is concieted, flurtatious, and basically full of herself, this results from a tragic life, and it is her attempt to escape it. Eventhough she achieves her dream of becoming a superstar, she pays the price and is never truly happy. And as is true with all people, she took the most important things for granted. Only when she lost Rick, did she realize that she was wrong, and that she loved him more than her career. But it was too late for them. Minmei is a truly loving, courageous, and brave soul, and becuase she gives herself completely to her fans and career, she is left empty inside.

TalentsSinging, Dancing, Flurting ;) , Being cronically positve, and being genuinely brave :)
LikesRick, Singing, Macross, Fame, Love, Family, Happiness
DislikesWar, loneliness :( , Depression, Reality destroying Dreams :(
Famous Quotes"So this is how its gonna end!? First the Earth and then the rest of us!?"
"But I want you to know that i'm really singing for you"
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In work outfit

Best picture ever

Starry Night

At the wedding

Thinking of Rick

Cute as always