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Max Sterling

Maximillian Sterling is the greatest pilot to ever fly a veritech. His unmatched skills and reflexes make him the most lethal killer the skies have ever known. However, Max is far from the egotistic, cold killer that such talent is likely to create. Instead he is a warm, friendly, and almost shy, yet confident man who loves his friends and his people. He only fights when he must, and is often found protecting those who are weaker than he is. After falling in love with, and marrying Miriya Parina, Max becomes the first human to ever form a union of any kind with an alien being. Though Miriya hardly looks "alien", she comes from a race that is very different, yet very similar to ours. Max and Miriya show us all that love can conquer any obstacle, and overcome any boundaries.

Flying Skill/StyleSuper Ace / daring, brilliant, precise, perfect
Mecha Of ChoiceSuper Valkyrie
Likes:Flying, Miriya, Love, videogames, competition
Dislikes:Negative thinking, Lynn Kyle, Bullies
Famous Quotes:"Lose your taste for combat my friend?"
"Wait don't go! This may be the only chance i have to get your name and phone #!"
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After rescuing friends

Max chasing Miriya