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Hello and welcome to my page. Here you will find lots of pictures, music and links related to videogames and anime. Feel free to take anything you like, but remember most of this stuff is copyrighted in one way or another. Thanks for stopping by!


8/25/2001- I have been aquiring several new anime DVD's (thanks Kelly) and cataloging quite a few nice screenshots. I have been creating some custom wallpapers and I hope to start in on my Cowboy Bebop page pretty soon. However, I first plan to give my robotech site a nice hefty update. I don't plan on changing the layout of the page (I may later), but I do plan on increasing the content by 3 or 4 times. This site is still lacking a great deal in the content area when compared to many other fan sites. Well, until next time.
P.S. To those college students out there who have just been flung headlong into the malestrom of the new fall semester, I feel your pain.

07/09/2001- Well this page marks the hopeful rejuvination of my efforts to keep this site updated and looking good. I have recently aquired several anime DVD's and I will be posting captures on this site. I am very excited about this because no longer will the pictures here be limited to what is already on the internet, but I can provide any shot straight from the DVD. I will soon be updating my Robotech page to reflect this. There will be lots of new screenshots in hires (1024 x 768, though not quite as tall due to the screen formatting of the anime). In addition, two new pages will be going up eventually: The Record of the Lodoss War, and Cowboy Bebop, two excellent animes. Also, I will be updating my videogame music page with new midi's and some mp3's and other Winamp compatible file formats. Music from the great game Deus Ex should be up within a week. Check back later for more updates.

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