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Introduction to Computer Programming

Structure of computers; the computing environment. Programming in an
object-oriented language, Java. Program structure in an object-oriented
language: classes, objects, methods, fields. Internal structure of methods:
elementary data types, statements, control flow. Arrays; searching, sorting and
complexity; user interfaces and event-driven programming.



What is the aim of this page?

The aim of this page is to provide information regarding about the tutorial
offered by Terence Choy, one of the 108TAs in CS. On the left- hand side of
this page, there is an index which contains four topics, included: (1) main,
(2)notes, (3)marks and (4)links. To access any of these titles, click on the
corresponding button. If you click on "main", it will bring you back to this page,


What stuff will be covered in this page?

Index is on your left-hand side. Under the topic, "notes", it will contain the
emphasis and examples in each tutorial. Under the topic, "marks", it will contain
all the updated marks in Terence's tutorial section. Under the topic, "links", it
will contain some useful links that are related to the course.


How to contact me?

If you have any questions that is course-related (or even questions that is not
course-related), feel free to ask me whenever, where-ever you see me. Of
course, you can e-mail to me or post your questions to the newsgroup and I
will try my best to solve your questions. Hope you enjoy CSC108. \ (^o^) /







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