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EK's Art Gallery - Supplement

I'm moving in soon. Please be patient. :)

Here are some sketches in the meantime:
What happens when I get bored in a seminar class...
Mephisto, you are responsible for this one... ;-)
What, Madoka's actually SMILING??!
Some random anime girl...
Aerith from Final Fantasy 7
A few members of the Legion of Doom...nuwahahaha.
I don't want to be on the receiving end of that yell! O.o
Nothing like a good 400-level seminar to make you feel real dumb.
Hey, recognize these guys? (I thought not ^_^;;)
Creepy Rei Pic!!
The cover illustration of PachiPachi #3!
Freefall (Roxanne) from Gen13.
Maetel, Art-Deco style. Another anime schoolgirl.
Magic Knights Rayearth! Wheee! I drew this one backstage during a show...
A scene from Guru-Guru Pon Chan. Ponta and Mirai on the beach.

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