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peer-pressured cd...

um...the peer pressure got to me, and i couldn't take it anymore, see...all my buds are actually finishing their webpages and being productive, where i, on the otherhand, who doesn't work, and well doesn't do anything, has sat on my butt and done..well nothing... i was thinkin and i ask dew this often...what would every thing taste like if there was no such thing as chicken....

ahh now that is an interesting question... something else is tangling in my little head..why are men so obsessive when it comes to their hubby has this fire red mustang..he loves it..i plot it's "accidental don't worky anymore" that car gets a whole lot of attention...and that's fine..really..but when it comes down to it men take the car thing way to far...spend hours apon hours washing and scrubbing and waxing and scubbing..i think that this should be in my whine page...i dunno what do you think...hmmm...*looks at chopper*....

keekeekee..look that thing is doin the macarana..keekeekee..*flicks a booger at all of ya'll*....and while i am at it...pulls out the spitwad got 5 seconds to move..and you just spent 4 of them... eek!! that was a bit excessive..but who is gonna stop me..this is my domain..and well um..please stay..don't go..hey..where you goin?? HEY!!! you....yeah you..the one with the ketchup stain...i didn't give you permission to leave..get your butt back here...

THIS JUST IN...I am havin smitty's baby

a quick preview of the baby??!!!????OKAY


What a winner, what a site ! We think it's terrific,captivating and something special.

look guys i got awards and to think that i was afraid my language would mess up everything..woohoo

me, my life, or what's left of it

a page of me and my friends..
additions and new links..because one of my pages is broken
this is my whine and moan page, if you are easily offended, or just don't like me, don't go in here..cuz i might describe YOU
this is an attack...yup, and dew got it out..and if you are a

some more sites, cool ones...cuz bad ones suck...

DEWBY..cowboys, rough necks, and some cool links
thor and stupid stuff you wouldn't have thought of yourself....interesting..believe and what about that horsey MR.ED..gotta love that...
ZimZum is the coolest 14 yearold you will ever meet..and the smartest..check out her complain had me roflmao
this is isiseyes's page...kinda neat
Girlie..she has some good shit to say...and i adore check this one out too
iam, who has the prettiest muff...don't ask..*pulls out da whip*
WORTHLESS mean BUBONIC...(thats what i meant) well he is gross, worthless..and he is a brit..but he has a hellified webpage..
ENRICO this guy is my bud...he is comin to america one day....when he does..keekeekee

um..this is where i take your body hostage...believe me..don't go here..unless you plan to be my slave for life...muhaahaahaa um guys..seriously..i think i took this pic hostage..well click it anyway..

the place i put you under a spell..